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  1. yeah, I thought that too...tnx! :)
  2. Hi guys! I have few questions. I have in Fiesta only AUX without USB and I would like to talk on iphone via AUX is it possible? Did anybody try that? Is it sound clear and can you talk normally?
  3. Fiesta Mk7 'handbrake'

    I had handbrake problem too on new Fiesta. Car was slipping on hill when handbrake was pulled to four or five notches. They fixed it in service. But I think that now is little bit too tight. Now handbrake hold car on first notch on hill...! So I think I will need go to service back again...
  4. Hi Everyone!

    Hello! My name is Matko. I'm not from UK, I'm form Croatia. I'm 19 years old. At home I have Mondeo mk3 2.0 TDCi 130 HP and new Fiesta mk7 1.25 82 HP. I hope for the pleasant company!