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  1. New Mondoe Door Seals

    ok thanks, do all car come with a 3 year warrenty even altougth u dont actually pay more for the warrenty??
  2. I have a 2008 (Mar 08) 2L Zetec Hatchback. I got this pre registered and 3 months old. For the first 5 weeks I noticed that every morning, after a rainy night, when I opened the door there would be a gush of water onto the ground, I never thought anything about this as all seems to be ok. However I have since noticed the footwells are damp both in the drivers side and passengers side, front and rear. I had a look and I am puzzled to where the water is coming in. What I would like to know is this a common problem on the new mondeo? Would this be under warranty and would ford be obliged to fix the problem??? Any help would be appreciated.