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  1. battery already changed and tested in motor factors shop, syill no joy
  2. Hy guyes, my old Mondeo runnabout has stopped locking/unlocking on the key fob? key light comes on but car refuses to do anything. how do i get this working again
  3. I got about 650 miles on a recent tour, cost £160 in fuel & £120 in cheap oil!! 2.4 Pinto on 45's with a blown crank oil seal...
  4. not sure it's related but it could be the turbo oil seal leaking, we've had it on a couple of our vans, the seal leaks engine oil into the intake manifold and burns causing the revs to rise, if it goes the engine revs off the clock using all the engine oil, blowing white smoke out the exhast. end result is blown engine as it stops then it's run dry at excessive RPM, trying to drop the clutch in gear usualy results in damaged clutch & gearbox.... good luck
  5. many thanks, been restoring it over the last 12yrs, been on the road the last 3. take it out, break it, build it better/stronger/faster. now running on it's 5th engine, gone from 2.1- 2.0- 2.1- 2.1- 2.4. still got some transmision issues to sort but it's now running good power.
  6. Cumbria Tour last year Cumbria This year, riding a little lower now ...
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  13. Just a quickie to say hi, just found this site and thought i'd give it a try....