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  1. I do like having a weekend off work!!! Just need to figure out what I'm going to do with it...
  2. I'm so sorry to hear this Clive. Losing a pet really is like losing a family member, if not worse.
  3. It was far too warm/humid for me to get any sort of decent sleep last night. Roll on winter!! I can't stand this heat.
  4. I do like receiving the new keyring for my 405!
  5. To be honest if it starts fairly quickly I wouldn't be worried by a bit of smoke. Diesels always did that up until recently and even with new glow plugs yours may not be much better.
  6. Regarding the rough running, before you start the engine are you turning the ignition on and leaving it for 5-7 seconds before cranking? If not then you aren't giving the glow plugs enough time to do anything and that could be the problem.
  7. Agreed.
  8. Indeed, but as you say it could be worse... As least we are still alive!
  9. Join the club!
  10. As I always say mileage is irrelevant, it is how the car was treated that matters. If you think it has been well treated then buy it, if not then don't. It's your decision.
  11. It will, but the Government don't care about that, or are too retarded to realise.
  12. Absolutely!
  13. Which begs the question, when plain labeling for alcohol comes into force (which IT WILL), will they stop displaying the ABV too? Absolutely ridiculous!!!
  14. My current pack has a picture of a laryngectomy stoma and a warning that "smoking causes mouth and throat cancer"! Wow!! My grandmother never smoked or drank and died of breast cancer at 56, and many friends and family have suffered cancer (including lung cancer) when they never touched a cigarette in their lives. So don't tell me that smoking causes cancer. It does NOT. It may increase the risk, but it is not the only factor in the disease. Regal is actually more expensive than L&B, but neither are good quality cigarettes. I don't judge smokers for what they smoke, but do take into account the brands they buy, the same as you would judge somebody who drinks Tesco Value cider as opposed to expensive red wine. Of course you will think more of the latter. Same with JPS as opposed to B&H or Marlboro. I'm buying a Marlboro Red case (designed like the traditional packs with NO health warnings) so I can feel proud of the brand I smoke and in a way promote them, as opposed to being reminded of our nanny state Government every time I pull out a plain/health warning covered pack.
  15. Well, at least you have a dilemma Ghana, I can't even get that far!!