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  1. Good Lord, you really are a walking disaster!
  2. Welcome to my world!!
  3. I don't like changing my mind... A few days ago I thought that my tyres would be fine for another month (and technically they would, in terms of tread depth), but having driven through town in heavy rain today I know they aren't safe to leave any longer. Just pulling out at roundabouts and junctions caused severe wheel spin and could potentially cause an accident due to taking so long get any grip and move. I daren't think what would happen if I had to do an emergency stop, or swerve at high speed. Fortunately West Lake RP28 tyres are cheap (only £36 each for 185/65R14) and I know from having them on the old Focus that they provide surprisingly good grip and are certainly much better than some "quality" tyres. So, four of those will be getting fitted ASAP.
  4. Hmm... I was very tempted to go for that, but opted for fish and tatties instead as my energy levels are especially low today. Fortunately my cough seems to be settling down so maybe I can start getting a better nights sleep going forward and thus have more energy!
  5. Ah, damn it! I was going to go to Tesco as well, but decided against it at the last minute and went to the local Co-op.
  6. True. That said, the best crash protection is a good driver behind the wheel...
  7. I don't like having a hard day at work and then having to come home to an equally hard day there...
  8. I do like having enough pre-payday funds left over for a case of beer...
  9. I understand that, but until the early 2000s batteries were placed in pretty much the same place and using the same restraint methods for 50+ years. I doubt they changed it for safety reasons.
  10. I'll give that a go Ghana, thanks.
  11. I don't like coughing ad nauseam! Both metaphorically, and literally... This whole hear has been spent with a constant cold or flu, one after the other!
  12. September 8th isn't bad, certainly shorter waiting times than here! But, if you are ready and can get it sooner, then by all means go for it.
  13. The fuel gauges are hideously unreliable on the old Peugeots though. The 405 can easily go all the way down to 1/4 and then a few minutes later rises back up to 1/2, without changing road level or anything. Just random!! Fortunately though it always reads higher than the level actually is, rather than the other way around where it shows a quarter of a tank and then you suddenly splutter to a halt!
  14. Thanks! I am a very proficient driver so there isn't anything that I "can't do", but just things that I could screw up due to my anxiety. If I pass then I can escape my manipulative mother and try to better my life. I would never live on my own if I didn't have a car and my driving licence, but once I have those then all I need to do is find a property at an affordable price, which won't be too difficult as my "ideal area" has very cheap rent (and desparate landlords). It is desirable to me as I'm from the area, but to most people they would avoid it with a bargepole! If I have to stay for too much longer then I'll end up like her, and that isn't something you can ever recover from. Trust me.
  15. Oh, my driving test! I am not really that bothered about the Hyundai's test - if it fails badly then it will just be an excuse to pick up another 405 as a replacement... Well, either that or a MK1 Focus, which are readily available locally for less than £500.