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  1. Yes, I've had a lot of cyclists riding two abreast recently. If they get out of my way and wave an apology as I pass then that is OK, but the ones who look back, see I'm stuck behind them and then CONTINUE to take up the whole fecking road irritate the crap out of me. And then they say "we have as much right to be on the road as you"... Let me ask you a question, do you pay road tax? No? THEN YOU DON'T HAVE AS MUCH RIGHT AS ME!
  2. I do like a relaxing evening with a film and a few glasses of wine! I think Buttons appreciates it when I watch TV for extended periods of time, due to the heat created by the old CRT which makes for a very cosy sleeping area for her...
  3. I was just thinking that!! How dare they...
  4. I've had a few near misses, thankfully all in daylight and on empty roads where I could brake and swerve to avoid them, but sometimes these things are just unavoidable, especially at night. By the sounds of it - it wouldn't have suffered - if that is any consolation...
  5. No, Jamie just couldn't think of anything and then forgot about it!
  6. The only way to work it out accurately is to brim the tank, otherwise you have no way of knowing exactly how much fuel you've used. I've got one which works well, however it is for WP so probably not available for Android.
  7. I don't like waking up for the second day in a row feeling groggy! I mean, I always feel like crap in the mornings due to my poor sleeping and caffeine addiction, but this is worse than usual.
  8. I think some small cars still do. Three lug nuts (as long as they are tight) are perfectly safe, as long as the car isn't being driven like you stole it!
  9. I do like getting the spare tyre fitted to the GTX and driving it home! Strangely, it actually feels better with the steel wheel fitted (front N/S) than it did with the alloy... Either the tyre on the alloy (Continental EcoContact 5) was somehow worn despite still having good treads, perhaps it had gone flat previously and damaged the sidewall, or the alloy itself needs balancing. The steel spare has a brand new Fulda Eco Control tyre on it, so that maybe has something to do with it. I know Fulda aren't a "quality" tyre brand, but I've always thought their products were good value for money. The old MK4 Fiesta had Fulda Eco Controls on the front (Sava Perfecta on the rear) and they lasted the entire time we had the car (30,000 miles/5 years).
  10. Yes, I'm getting that way myself. If I do let a garage do any work on the tyres in future, I'll be getting my wrench out there and then on the forecourt before I even drive off. If a mechanic came over and asked what I was doing, I'd be happy to tell him "just checking you put the nuts back on right!". I really worry for those drivers who don't care/don't know, who drive their cars away from garages every day and never check the wheels...
  11. Yes, there is a story to that... On the day of my driving test I had both rear tyres replaced at National Tyres & Autocare, to which you would think "what has that got to do with the front wheels"... Well, you would be underestimating the stupidity of National Tyre's employees. Whilst it came back with both rear tyres changed and bolted on securely, the front N/S wheel (pictured) had one lug nut completely missing and the other three only FINGER TIGHT. I kid you not. Thank God after driving 5 miles from the garage to home (having not checked the front wheels before leaving, assuming they wouldn't have been touched, as you would!) I did a walk-around of the car to make sure there was nothing the examiner would object to, and discovered the wheel! Due to this being 1 hour before my test (which was 30 minutes drive away), I had no time to demand National Tyres fix it and had no choice but to call a local independent garage who came to the house straight away and tightened the three remaining nuts, plus fitted a fourth which although not original, fitted enough to secure the wheel. And that is the story as to how I have one 17mm lug nut, and how National Tyres & Autocare could have caused a fatal car crash. As for the spare wheel, yes it is located in a cradle under the boot. Hopefully it isn't stuck, but the tyre on it has been replaced fairly recently so it would have had to be removed then. Hopefully it hasn't had time to seize on, and if it has I'll try the Quasar. If both have seized then I'll know somebody is doing voodoo on me!
  12. It has been known to happen! Many times Buttons has had ailments which have required vet attention, only for them to suddenly "vanish" upon mention of the V-word.
  13. That's what you get for helping someone out eh!? After this I'll definitely be making sure both cars have suitable wrenches, as one positive to come out of the situation is that I have been made aware of how important it is to have the right tools should a puncture occur, so I will definitely be prepared in future. I should be grateful that my car actually has a spare tyre though, as a lot of new cars these days don't even have a "donut" spare, so unless a can of Tyre Weld can patch it - you're stuffed!! Thinking about it, depending on the condition of the tyre on the Quasar's spare wheel - I'm tempted to use it as the Quasar has a fifth alloy as opposed to a steel wheel, which would mean that if the tyre is good, it could essentially be left on there for a while without an immediate replacement being necessary.
  14. By the looks of it, I'd agree. Not sure what to do with that though, as I'd imagine it would burn through the paint and be impossible to remove without repainting.
  15. Nope, definitely 19mm - I thought they may have had covers to begin with, but the locking wheel nut key is also 19mm.