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  1. Yep. It isn't easy, but sadly you get used to it and know what to expect, and how not to exacerbate the situation. Basically, let her keep drinking (within reason) until she falls asleep, and then wakes up the next morning sober and things are OK again, until the "next time".
  2. "Lady" is one of my favourites, as well as "You Decorated My Life". "Through The Years" is a classic, and another favourite of mine... I have a lot of favourites!!
  3. My grandfather was an alcoholic as well, but thankfully hasn't had a drink since the 1980s. My mother's problem is a bit more complicated... She can do without alcohol, and stay off it when working and driving, but when she starts drinking, it is a downward spiral, which can result in some very poor behaviour, especially if she cannot get more alcohol. But, there is no point dwelling on it. Alcoholics (regardless of the "type") cannot be helped by others, and need to make the change themselves. Some will never change, my mother being a prime example.
  4. I love Kenny's music and have a few of his LPs.
  5. I feel your pain... Not a wife, but my mother. Without going into detail; mental health problems, alcoholism and a manipulative personality. I think you can imagine how those three come together.
  6. I KNEW IT!!!
  7. True, but I'm only on Propanolol for anxiety/migraines and Omeprazole for heartburn/acid reflux and have been on the former for over 2 months now and the latter a couple of weeks. I suppose it has gotten worse since taking the Omeprazole, but I doubt that has a connection. Ironically I had two more instances of forgetfulness just in the process of typing this post. First I went to check the time and found I had taken my wristwatch off, but had no recollection of doing so, and secondly went through to the kitchen to find the name of the medication I'm on, but by the time I got there I forgot what I went through for and came back, then saw this half written reply and had to go through again!! By comparison to some of the more serious things that have happened though, those couple of "moments" were minor.
  8. Thanks Wes! I did check though to make sure you weren't being serious...
  9. I don't like my memory loss getting worse... It is now being noticed by others and really starting to affect my life. I'm sure it is stress/depression related, but it is worrying nonetheless!
  10. Woohoo!! Onward to bigger and better things...
  11. Or if you opt for a high-spec model, you also get page 6 which includes the numbers of local taxi companies.
  12. Not exactly a burning love then?
  13. Well, they do say that cars without Air Conditioning get hot, but Vauxhall took it a step too far!
  14. They do, but a local pyromaniac was looking for a run-around so she got £300 for it.
  15. How very ageist of you Tom! In all seriousness, I do prefer electric windows, but in winter they are a pain in the backside when they freeze shut. I've never had a problem with the 405s windows in winter, as even if they are frozen a good yank on the winder frees them up, but in the Focus and C220 the electric motors are too weak to break the ice and you have to wait for them to defrost naturally, which can take over 30 minutes. Not exactly convenient if you want a quick cigarette on the drive to work!! Speaking of which (and getting back on subject), one of my colleagues quit smoking today... She sold her Corsa!! (Drum-roll please...).