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  1. Yep! Our previous MK1 could usually get down to empty on the gauge fine with no adverse effects (my mother has a tendency to keep driving and not even look at the gauge until I fill it up), but one day with the needle above the empty mark and low fuel light not illuminated, it died on the driveway and wouldn't restart. Turns out it had ran out of fuel, despite the gauge still showing a positive reading. That said, for your situation I'm dubious as £47 would not fill it to the brim from empty, as it is a 55 litre tank (at least on the MK1s anyway) which would cost around £66 to fill, depending on the price. £47 would only get you around 40 litres, so even if you put 5 litres in from a jerry can that still leaves 10 litres unaccounted for.
  2. That's very dangerous! I hope you gave him a good blast of the horn.
  3. Hope to God I am wrong, but... Vauxhall Astra?
  4. Credit card
  5. Planning permission
  6. Down town
  7. Lucky for some!! I think I actually ended up paying too little tax last year on one of my payslips, so I'll probably get a nasty surprise one of these months when they deduct more than usual.
  8. Quasar, the trim-level of my 405...
  9. I do like reaching the end (almost) of the December-January pay period without having to beg, steal or borrow! I'll like it even more when I finally get paid on Friday and can perhaps park another Ford outside...
  10. I'm not a motorbike person, but that does look impressive. As for the caravan, well, if it were yours I would approve given the name...
  11. I don't like being officially skint having put diesel in the car and bought shopping this evening. That's not bad for January though, which is notoriously hard when it comes to money thanks to early pay before Christmas extending the period between pay cheques (5 weeks).
  12. Is it yours?
  13. I'd never use them for anything, let alone a timing belt change. An independent mechanic is always better, as long as they are competent and honest.