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  1. Things I Don't Like

    Unfortunately that would be no use as the garage it is in would want to supply their own parts (plus I wouldn't know what is required until they are in the process of actually doing the work). If I removed it from the testing station I'd have to pay a partial retest fee, whereas if they do it they'll retest for free, and being a small reputable garage I don't expect to be ripped off. I'll have more clarity tomorrow when I get the quote for the exhaust (part and labour) and he can do the brake work, or at least take them apart and price up the parts required. I have a feeling that my finances may be more strained than usual this month (if that is possible!). Just got to keep reminding myself that I was expecting a worse result! Brakes and exhaust are simple compared to a shot rear axle, or undercarriage corrosion - both of which could were a possibility being a 20 year old car known for dodgy axles and exposed to Scottish weather.
  2. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like this... Could have been worse though.
  3. Things I Do Like

    There's an idea though - I'm sure Chris already has plans on what he wants to do with his life, but running a professional car valeting business would definitely be a possibility with the skills he has!!
  4. Things I Do Like

    Good Lord, that looks better than brand new Chris - great job!! I'm the same when it comes to being a passenger. I think I observe more as a passenger than most drivers do when driving.
  5. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like knowing that my whole month could be ruined by one phone call tomorrow morning... Given that the Santa Fe has gone through 3/4 of a tank in less than 200 miles, that won't be a financially feasible option to use for the rest of the month (over 1,000 miles of commuting), and my budget for repairs to the Peugeot is getting smaller and smaller.
  6. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like the Hyundai's "CHECK ENGINE" light coming on when I floored it to overtake a cyclist... Presumably something happened when the transmission kicked down and it hit 6,000RPM, which triggered the light. Going to have to look up how to disable it now, or wait for it to go out of its own accord (which it should do eventually if the problem doesn't come back again).
  7. Brake Clunk

    If it is clunking whilst you are stopped then that sounds like the ABS activating to me. Nothing else could cause that if everything is static.
  8. Things I Do Like

    Yeah, that always helps!! To be fair I drove our old Primera first before having any lessons, and I think it helped. Driving it on the road before any lessons proved to me that I could drive it and control the car, so that when I had my first lesson I knew I wouldn't be absolutely hopeless. I think you've said in the past that you've had off-road lessons before, so that should help. Basically the same rules apply, only you have other cars and idiotic pedestrians to look out for!! Just remember, it is other people's mistakes you have to look out for! The majority of accidents (or near accidents) are caused by other peoples actions. There is no such thing as a perfect driver, but there certainly is such a thing as a bad driver (and most of them are driving Vauxhalls...).
  9. Things I Do Like

    You can do my Peugeot too if you want, it needs a good wash... Driving "in the real world" is great and really teaches you so much more than you can ever learn in driving lessons. That said, you should take a few professional lessons first, if only to get you into the habit of MSM/PSL.
  10. Things I Do Like

    Hahaha!! Come on Ghana, you know the most exercise I do is walking from my chair to the fridge! That said, I suppose you could call it "sports", as I was riding my bike at the time. It happened when I was around 10 years old and cycled straight into one of those cement poles (preventing vehicles from driving onto a cycle path). Fortunately I didn't break my leg, but did give my knee a damn good whack and resulted in a permanent scar and joint pain. It usually acts up in cold weather, but feathering the 405's clutch in heavy traffic always gives it grief.
  11. Things I Do Like

    I do like Greenall's... Nothing like a few G&Ts to relax and forget about my problems for a few hours!!
  12. Things I Do Like

    I do like driving the Santa Fe for the first time today. Very smooth car, and it has confirmed what I previous thought (as a non-driver) about automatics. They do provide a much more relaxed driving experience, and less tiresome in congested areas. For the first time I've returned home from driving WITHOUT an aching left knee from constant clutch action in traffic (it doesn't help my knee is buggered anyway...).
  13. Things I Do Like

    I think it is those major worriers who need proof they are capable of something before doing it (I.E. passing your test in a busy area before driving in one alone). Ridiculous in my opinion, when you can venture into all the busy areas (except motorways) you want on your provisional licence with a supervisor.
  14. Things I Do Like

    I do like booking my practical driving test for August 3rd!! It's in my old home town too (the earliest appointment for my current area would have been September 23rd) which is good as I know it like the back of my hand, and it is a very quiet area... A lot of people avoid taking tests there because it is "too easy" and they then won't be prepared for driving in bigger places, but that isn't an issue for me.
  15. What Have You Learned Today??

    Exactly! That's why I bought the Hyundai in such haste when we sold the Primera (and only had the 405), as I hate relying on just one car - or anything for that matter! Hence why I have multiple vacuum cleaners, televisions, irons, typewriters, computers etc...