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  1. That's true, but I think you'd know if your driving was so appalling that you could kill a clutch in less than 10k! You'd have to be constantly riding the clutch, which would be completely obvious unless the driver had no knowledge of driving/vehicle mechanics whatsoever. It definitely isn't something you could do and then say "I didn't do it!", unless you were blatantly lying.
  2. More often than not, in my experience anyway, batteries just up and die rather than slowly getting weaker and weaker. That's why I always say that the two most unpredictable things in cars are the batteries and belts, because either can suddenly go without warning, unlike most other parts which show warning signs in advance.
  3. I most certainly am not Tom, and am firmly of the view that "if in doubt, stop". Although looking at my reply it does insinuate that I too pulled out on the Vectra in question, which was not the case. In fact, she pulled out of a junction behind me and was purely irritated by the fact I was obeying the speed limits... My reference was to cars which are a safe distance away when you pull out, and if they maintained their speed would not have a problem, but choose to deliberately accelerate in order to cause a problem which wasn't there in the first place! I have had the idiots pull out on me though when I'm doing the speed limit, and unless they immediately realise their mistake and wave et cetera, they'll get a blast of my horn and yes, a close encounter with my front bumper whilst I slam the brakes on. I back off immediately though as you can't hold grudges when driving, such as tailgating someone for miles because of one mistake. But, to clarify - I do not pull out when cars are too close/too fast. It is a major irritant to me and I wouldn't do it to somebody else. Just had to clear that up!
  4. Yep, I know the feeling... Had the exact same thing today only it was a 54 plate Vectra. Followed me through a 30, then a 40 and finally down a stretch of NSL. It just shows their immaturity when they accelerate as you pull out, purely so they can slam on the brakes to make it look worse! That said, you need to be aware of drivers doing more than the speed limit and adjust your driving accordingly. Even though they were in the wrong for speeding, you could still be classed as in the wrong for pulling out and causing them to slow down... If that makes sense!
  5. Air bags?
  6. I don't like the BMW driver equivalent of forum posters! Just like BMW drivers cannot park within the lines, these people cannot seem to post Ford related questions in the relevant forum areas, but rather just put them in the general chat area!! It happens on another forum I use, but thankfully I'm a moderator on there so can move them myself and reprimand the posters.
  7. Posting this in the right section, and giving some more information might help!! The general chat area is clearly marked "Talk about anything NOT Ford related".
  8. That picture was taken this evening when I was parked outside my local B&M, but God knows what the "stains" actually were!!
  9. I could, but I am only getting the same treatment anybody gets, and that is standard company policy. To be honest Clive, the stress in fighting them isn't worth it, even if I won. I'll be out of that job as soon as I can find something else anyway, and nobody in their right mind would use them as a reference so I have no reason to be liked or successful there, all I need is basic employment until something else comes along, and I can get that regardless of warnings.
  10. I do like irony... Yeah, that's what I say every time I pass an idiotic driver in a Corsa!
  11. I don't like my absence meeting today resulting in a "stage two" sanction, so if I'm off sick again for even one day in the next 12 months then I could quite literally lose my job. That said, I doubt that would actually happen as I'd get the union involved should they go that far, but it would still be serious. I could appeal the decision, but to be honest I don't think there is much point, considering I had two separate sick days on two consecutive weeks, which does look bad. Needless to say, I'm hitting the wine tonight and the wagon can come by again tomorrow. Maybe I'll hop on it then!!
  12. Yes, that's what I thought. Plus as Tom pointed out, yours doesn't have a DPF so there is no reason it couldn't cope with low miles. That's what I love about my old diesels, is that although I do high mileage anyway, if my lifestyle did change and I only drove short distances then I know they could cope with it easily. Although that said the only thing that would stop me driving as much as I do would be losing my job, and I don't plan on doing that! That said, as per my post in the "don't like" thread, I'm on thin ice...
  13. That was per Focus, so considering he has two that'd be 2,000 miles per year - although I agree even that is still minuscule by comparison to my (or your) mileage! One thing I noticed though, is that I thought modern diesels were only worthwhile if you had a five-figure annual mileage, so I'm surprised Ghana didn't opt for a petrol model... Or maybe I'm wrong, which is a strong possibility!
  14. I'd try replacing the fuel filter, as it could just be fuel deprivation. At 74k it should really be done anyway, whether it is causing the issue or not.
  15. Good heavens, that is low. But then again, you work from home and I imagine don't have to travel far for shops etc... As for winter tyres, you are absolutely right Ghana. Especially below zero, winter tyres are invaluable due to their softer rubber.