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  1. Yep, 95% of them are total idiots. They spend half the time cycling in the middle of the road and the other half moaning about "bad drivers". If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!! There are a few who are very decent though and do everything they can to allow cars past, but unfortunately they are in the minority...
  2. I don't like a news article tonight lambasting drivers for overtaking cyclists too closely, when nothing is ever said about cyclists failing to cycle in a straight line/check over their shoulder/use arm signals/use appropriate roads, the list could go on. But of course no, us BAD drivers must look after those POOR cyclists. Cyclists pay NO taxes and NO insurance, but yet they expect us TAX PAYING and INSURANCE HOLDING drivers to do everything to keep them safe from their own STUPID behaviour. *RANT OVER*
  3. Well, not when you are working the Saturday it isn't!
  4. Interesting... Not sure how easy that would be to fit/remove though?
  5. I do like only having tomorrow to work (half-day) and then off for the rest of the week, and payday on Friday!! About ***** time. EDIT: I didn't realise a description for something being covered in blood was classed as a swear word? Talk about treating us like children.
  6. Nope, the 405 has a constant feed cigarette lighter so I couldn't use one without plugging and unplugging it all the time, plus I hate having things stuck to the windscreen. Until they come up with a dash cam incorporated in a rear view mirror that has a battery which can last for 8-10 hours (and be removed for charging/replacement) I won't be using one as it is just too much bother. I suppose that's another "don't like", is dash cam manufacturers being unable to put a half decent battery in their cameras!! I also don't like driving home in a blizzard of snow this afternoon, in APRIL. Strange weather...
  7. I don't like the idiot in a Citroen Picasso that nearly went straight into the 405's N/S wing on the M90 this afternoon, when he decided switch lanes without indicating or checking his mirror!! Fortunately I managed to brake and move over to the right (almost hitting the raised pavement) to avoid a collision, but only just.
  8. Does your signature mean you have already made your decision?
  9. People like that need to get off the roads.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that Kevin, to lose two pets in the same month is just terrible. Could it not be that a local car has a leaking radiator or coolant hose?
  11. What? From his wife, or her family?
  12. I do like getting home from work early due to management unexpectedly granting my request for phased return. Wonders never cease!!
  13. Given that it is a Ford, I'd say that's very likely...
  14. Haha, yeah as tempting as that is I don't fancy having to find a replacement front bumper, bonnet and windscreen for a Peugeot 405!!