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  1. I do like feeling like I've had a good night's sleep, for the first time in months!!
  2. A lot!!
  3. Idiots like that should be thrown off the bridge themselves.
  4. That's true, they look exactly the same!
  5. I don't like my mother leaving the Focus' lights on when she came home at 16:30!! Only noticed it half an hour ago when I looked out of the window and saw it lit up in the darkness... She was adamant that she had turned them off, and upon investigation it turned out that she had turned the dipped beams off, but had inadvertantly pushed the knob in and turned it to the left, thus turning on the parking lights which conveniently circumvents the warning chime!! Whoever thought that was a good idea in Ford's design team needs to be sacked. Thankfully it had a new battery shortly before I bought it and even after sitting for two hours with the parking lights on, it fired right up without any hesitation. Took it for a short drive to make sure it is fully charged for tomorrow morning, but I'm impressed that the battery showed no signs of discharge after that! She was completely unaware of the parking lights function, but now she knows hopefully it won't happen again...
  6. Thank goodness! I hope Lidl know the distress their "rebranding" caused...
  7. That's the thing, the temperature was the same as today, plus the car had sat since Saturday so if anything I'd expect it to be even harder to start now, but it wasn't. All I did prior to starting it was check the glow plug wires were all connected and wiggle them, so maybe that fixed it...
  8. I do like the 405's starting problem suddenly vanishing... I'd avoided using the car because the glow plugs ceased to work on Saturday, only to try starting it today (expecting a lot of cranking, a lot of smoke, and ultimately a flat battery!) and for it to fire right up! God knows what was wrong with it on Saturday, or if it will happen again, but being an old French car I'm happy to leave it as "one of those things" for now.
  9. Not tried them yet, but plain chocolate makes me feel sick, so mint was the only option!
  10. Haha!
  11. I think that's the first time I've ever seen Ghana make a typo! Almost as good as me...
  12. I do like the Focus saving me from being late to work this morning! Stepped outside (late as usual) to find the first frost/ice of the year had hit!! Both cars were covered in a layer of frost and ice which would have taken 10-15 minutes to defrost in the 405 with just the heater blower, but all it took in the Focus with the Quickclear windscreen was 2 minutes to melt a thick layer of ice and get me on my way. Now I know the frosty mornings are here though, I'll have to start getting out 10 minutes before I have to leave in order to warm the car up.
  13. Holy moses!! I don't know what is more surprising, that somebody would be idiotic enough to do that, or that the Corsa had enough power to get that high...
  14. Well, Lidl in Elgin has them back in stock as of tonight!
  15. I do like a simple 8 hour shift today (seems so short compared to 10 hours!), day off tomorrow and then PAY DAY on Thursday!!