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  1. I do like picking up the Ghia's replacement tonight... It's a 2003 Nissan Almera SE 1.8 petrol, in fantastic condition with no mechanical faults (other than the ABS light which indicates a dodgy sensor), and less than 100,000 miles on the clock. It also has an MOT until mid-October, and came with over half a tank of petrol. Probably worth £300-400, but I bought it for £150. For most people that is a surprising bargain, but you all know what I'm like when it comes to getting exceptional deals on used cars It has the exact same engine as our 2005 Primera did, which had over 200,000 miles on the clock when we sold it and still ran like new. Probably the same gearbox too for that matter, hence why it feels exactly the same as our Primera did, which was incidentally the first car I ever drove back in January 2016.
  2. I don't like having to list the Ghia for sale for spares/repairs... But, I just don't have the funds to get the brake line (O/S/R as it turns out) replaced, plus probably the other three as they will all be at the same stage of corrosion, and whatever else it will no doubt need for the forthcoming MOT. See the "do like" thread for its replacement... Not another Focus, which is a dislike, but a decent car at a great price.
  3. I don't like losing the brakes on the Ghia an hour ago... Was driving at 50 MPH on a main road and almost missed a junction so applied the brakes quite firmly (nobody was behind me so it would have been safe) only for the pedal to go straight to the floor! Fortunately the handbrake on that car is very good and I managed to pull over on that, and as I was very close to home managed to get it home with what little brakes I had left. Just before stopping at the house the brake warning lamp (finally) came on so say there was low fluid... Really!? You don't say! Having checked under the bonnet, the reservoir is dry. I had checked it this morning and it was full. So obviously it has blown a brake line. I'm just very grateful that it did not happen in an emergency stop situation, or when my mother was driving it (as she was yesterday). The MOT expires in two weeks and to be honest I'm tempted to cut my loses and sell it for spares. I know I could get another Focus for the same as it would cost to fix and MOT this one. I'm very disappointed but hey ho, that's how my life has been going as of late.
  4. petrol

    Even my 2 litre Focus doesn't drop below 3/4 in 100 miles, so as Ryan has said you have a serious issue there! It has to be a physical leak, as there is no way a 1.2 can burn that amount of fuel.
  5. If it is a petrol engine (which it is judging by the tachometer), then it should reach bang-on half way within 2-3 miles, if not sooner. That would suggest your thermostat is stuck wide open. I cannot think of any engine that should still be cold after 8 miles.
  6. Can the anti-stall feature not be disabled? I think it's stupid to be honest, if you can't drive a car without stalling then you should admit you cannot drive a manual and buy an automatic. These "features" just make things worse.
  7. Well, at least you got the initial problem fixed anyway!! It is a Ford at the end of the day, so there's a good chance she'll be fine for years without any further problems.
  8. I've already discussed those symptoms last year, and they did some blood tests and nothing came back, so I'm left in a situation where if I go again I'll just be told "you've already been assessed for that". As for other drivers reactions to emergency vehicles, I have seen the same. Some drivers seem to panic and just keep driving, or STOP right in the middle of the road where they are driving!! I was driving down a 30MPH town road a few months ago and a police car was coming the opposite way (towards me) with its sirens and lights on. The car in front of it slowed down to a crawl but DID NOT move to the side of the road, forcing me to slam on my brakes in order to give the police car space to speed past. If I hadn't then it would have been stuck behind that idiot for God knows how long.
  9. Ironically I haven't had an alcoholic drink for three nights and went to bed at 21:30 last night, so did everything "by the book" for once and look what happened!! I think I'll go back to Gin & Tonics and late nights... Joking aside, I may well book a doctors appointment, but not sure what good it would do as they never seem to actually listen to me (or maybe I'm not "convincing" enough).
  10. I don't like having a panic attack whilst driving home from work... Started to feel breathless which is not all that uncommon given my couch-potato lifestyle and the fact I smoke, but then the palpitations, chest pains/tightness, and dizziness started to come into play. Managed to get home, then almost passed out walking from the car to the front door!! That's the first time it has happened whilst driving, and I actually don't know what triggered it. I had a terrible nights sleep last night and the usual stressful day at work today, so I guess that was enough. Come to think of it, my blood pressure has been sky-high today also, as I've had frequent "sparkles" in my peripheral vision when walking etc...
  11. Some councils in Scotland have said they intend to start charging an annual fee of £30 for garden waste collection, instead of it being free as it currently is. Well, when I say "free" I mean we don't explicitly pay for it. Nothing is really free when you consider how much is paid in council tax etc...
  12. Indeed it does, but hopefully there will be no more salt/grit on the roads now we are coming into March... Or maybe that's just wishful thinking!
  13. That's what I'll be doing ASAP, so that the rust is at least covered until I get around to doing the job properly.
  14. Sometimes you need to cross the fence to find out that the grass isn't greener on the other side!
  15. I originally wanted an estate also, but couldn't find one locally for love nor money, and the Ghia came up which was too tempting to resist, especially at the price. But of course, now that I've bought the hatchback, there is a 2004 Ghia estate for sale! Go figure!!