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  1. I don't like realising I won't have a car for work on Thursday, given that the 405 is down with dead glow plugs and my mother needs the Focus that day for her work... Hence why I always like to have a third vehicle so that we both have cars even if one breaks down. Thankfully as of Thursday night though, we will.
  2. It'll be Thursday before I get there (on my way to Tain for the Mercedes), so if not tomorrow hopefully they'll have them back in by then.
  3. I don't like the glow plugs completely giving up the ghost on the 405... No amount of glow plug cycles helped and it took five minutes to get it to fire.
  4. Interesting vehicles, but not sure I'd like the MPG!! The C-Class, even being a heavy saloon with an automatic transmission can still manage over 40MPG with the 2.2 N/A diesel. That's the perfect match of luxury and economy for me!
  5. I do like receiving final confirmation that I'll be picking the C220 up next Thursday evening... I'm taking a risk buying a 20 year old Mercedes, on top of a 20 year old Peugeot and a 16 year old Ford, but I'd still trust any one of those cars more than a new model! I'm not saying new cars are bad, but they're just not my thing. Besides, it's a good feeling knowing my car is the oldest one in the car park when all my colleagues have new Vauxhalls et al. I also know my car will still be on the road (and a valuable classic) when all those new models are in the scrap yard...
  6. I don't like CD players in cars!! Still haven't got around to replacing the cheap JVC CD player in the 405 for an original cassette player yet, and so far it has damaged two Roy Orbison CDs and most recently a Phil Collins CD (brand new two weeks ago, now it skips on two songs). And I don't mean damage from outside the player, this is damage that occurred whilst PLAYING!! Don't ask me how it happened, but they went in clean and came out scratched. On the flip-side I have cassettes from the 1970s which have survived years of use in the previous and current Focus and still sound clear and crisp.
  7. Ooh, let me know if they are back in as I'll be going to Inverness next week.
  8. There is a Focus section for a reason, this area is for general chat only.
  9. Haha!! I've always been a bit unsure about Nairn itself, but there are nice villages surrounding it. I've never driven a Quasqai but have seen a lot of them on the roads, and not many broken down which is good! I'm surprised at the MPG though for such a small engine, as my 1.9 gets at least 45 through towns and upwards of 50 on long runs. That's not a modern engine either!! Yeah, my research has found no major problems with the W202s, except the usual corrosion, which it has no signs of.
  10. I do like just receiving word back that the other prospective buyer didn't show, and the C220 is now mine... Well, it will be when I get paid and can collect it next Thursday. We've never owned a Mercedes before, but have had most other brands, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes. I'm hoping the claims of "German reliability" are true.
  11. If you want a quiet area to retire to then there are plenty of places near Inverness. Lossiemouth is nice and has desirable areas, plus property prices are fairly low. What's the new car?
  12. Ah, I see! Yeah, it's funny how attitudes and lifestyles change between areas. I like the slower way of life though, cities just bring out all my anxieties and make me stressed, not driving through them (no problems there!), but just in general.
  13. Not sure what you mean? Yeah, I lock the door if I'm not going out for a while or it is getting dark outside, but my mother insists on locking and bolting the door ALL THE TIME, which irritates the crap out of me when I come in to grab something then go to leave again and find myself locked in!!
  14. It's the first time I've been there, never been past Dingwall before actually! Wow... I'm from a small village so I am used to the "doors open" attitude, but to advertise it to a stranger is a bit trusting!! I should find out later tonight if the other party bought it or not. I like the car so hope they didn't, but if they did then I'm sure I'll see something else in the next week or two. One thing that's for sure is that I need to get myself a pair of ramps and do an oil change on the 405 at the end of this month, or pay a garage to do it. I've had so much on my mind lately that it didn't even occur to me, and having checked the odometer today I realised that it has done almost 7,000 miles since the last one! For a 3,000 mile oil change stickler like me, that's abominable.
  15. I'd kill for one of those! The W202 is a nice looking car, but the W123 is a true classic.