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  1. I don't like the idiot in a Citroen Picasso that nearly went straight into the 405's N/S wing on the M90 this afternoon, when he decided switch lanes without indicating or checking his mirror!! Fortunately I managed to brake and move over to the right (almost hitting the raised pavement) to avoid a collision, but only just.
  2. Does your signature mean you have already made your decision?
  3. People like that need to get off the roads.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that Kevin, to lose two pets in the same month is just terrible. Could it not be that a local car has a leaking radiator or coolant hose?
  5. What? From his wife, or her family?
  6. I do like getting home from work early due to management unexpectedly granting my request for phased return. Wonders never cease!!
  7. Given that it is a Ford, I'd say that's very likely...
  8. Haha, yeah as tempting as that is I don't fancy having to find a replacement front bumper, bonnet and windscreen for a Peugeot 405!!
  9. I don't like the idiot cyclist I encountered this evening whilst out in the 405! He was cycling along a straight road, looking ahead with both hands on the handlebars, so I checked the road ahead was clear and began to overtake him, only for him to suddenly (without ANY indication) swerve to the right to turn down a side road, putting himself directly in front of my car and forcing me to slam on the brakes and swerve to the left to avoid hitting him at 30MPH. Absolute flipping MORON!!! If I hadn't had my Mother with me in the car I would have followed him and given him a piece of my mind, but alas I did so I carried on and tried to ignore his stupidity. Why are cyclists not made to pass a test prior to being able to cycle on public roads? It's ridiculous! If I had hit him then I would have been at fault and prosecuted for it, despite the fact he was to blame.
  10. I do like seeing that the home owner has rebuilt his wall four months after I crashed into it... Not sure what took him so long, but I'm glad the reminder of my accident will now be gone when I next drive past.
  11. Welcome to the forum! I may well see you around if you are in the Elgin area.
  12. I was debating on whether to put this in the do like or don't like thread, but I guess I do like successfully getting to Edinburgh this afternoon to visit my uncle in hospital. He's not in great shape, but getting the attention he needs. The Rover made the 370 mile journey without any problem, plenty of power for overtaking and cruise control for the A9 and motorways. It is a terrific car indeed.
  13. I don't like returning to work tomorrow... At least I got my medication sorted out over the time I was off, but having to go back there will throw everything off kilter!!
  14. I did notice you were at 999 yesterday, so congratulations on the milestone! Many more thousand to come...