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  1. I am seriously wondering if that is what it is, and if so, I'm getting a bit paranoid about who I use when I next need tyres...
  2. It wouldn't surprise me!!
  3. I've noticed quite a few cars driving around like that recently, thanks to the grit on the roads. A very easy way to get pulled over and fined, so I always make sure that even if my car is filthy, the plates are clean.
  4. Yes please!!
  5. I don't like this!!
  6. Unfortunately you are correct Clive.
  7. You'd think!
  8. 1 in 20? That's pretty good, round here 1 in 5 cars have their fog lamps on, and a lot of the time it is because one of the dipped bulbs is blown! It's getting ridiculous really.
  9. You didn't know fog lamps couldn't be used in clear weather?
  10. I do like being physically exhausted and therefore knowing I will get a good sleep tonight. Normally (due to my office job) I am very tired mentally, but can't sleep because my body isn't tired enough!! I also like having three working vehicles outside again. I hate seeing anything not doing its job (people included!), so it was depressing me seeing the 405 stagnating for weeks whilst it couldn't be started.
  11. Better do it ASAP, as a diesel won't start on its own in this cold weather without working plugs. Trust me, I know...
  12. Hear hear!!
  13. I do like the 405 running again!! My hands are cut up and covered in oil, and my knees are in agony, but SHE RUNS!!! And thankfully the only problem was the glow plugs, which were complately sooted up and incapable of providing any heat. As you can see from the pictures, I only got three out because plug number 1 (behind the fuel pump) was completely seized and there wasn't enough room to get it freed up. Thankfully three new Bosch plugs is more than enough to start the engine easily.
  14. I don't like the prospect of changing the 405's glow plugs tomorrow... Besides the fact it will mean standing outside in minus temperatures, I lack mechanical skill and even an oil change can be tricky for me, so this should be interesting!! That said, I do have a tendancy to surprise myself and after all - how hard can it be?
  15. Indeed it would. You wouldn't expect a private landlord to pay for a downstairs toilet to be fitted to their property, so I think it is unfair to expect that of the council (as much as I do hate them...). Having experienced IBS myself though, I fully empathise with what he is going through.