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  1. I work at a certain call centre just outside Forres... The one with the fantastic reputation for employee retention and exemplary treatment of staff (yes, I'm being sarcastic). I'm sure my manager would clear it up, but she's not back until next week, by which point I will have probably lost my rag with the other one who has demonstrated herself as a complete and utter "female dog", to say the least. One thing that's for sure is I won't be getting Thursday booked off unless a miracle happens, and the way I feel right now I just won't turn up, which will probably result in being sacked if I am not already, but to be honest I am past caring.
  2. You obviously have far too much time on your hands. If you are going to be that anal about it, then surely you are using extra electricity to power your computer whilst you post about in this thread, thus counteracting any savings you want to make by deactivating the rear defrost.
  3. Haha!! Yep, that'll be it.
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Oh, I forgot to say - it is good to see that MG have fitted them with proper handbrakes!! Unlike those ridiculous electric button operated ones you see in almost every new car these days.
  6. Safest, too!
  7. Very nice! I have only seen one of those in the flesh but as far as modern cars go, they do appeal to me. Not enough to buy one, but you know what I mean...
  8. I don't like probably losing my job today. I had booked holidays for a half-day today and whole-day on Thursday, meaning I would leave at 14:00 today. Training was scheduled for this week which overrode my holidays, and was then cancelled on Friday putting me back on regular shifts. My manager advised that my holidays would be reinstated as the training was cancelled, but upon logging in this morning I found that I was scheduled in for a full 09:00-18:30 shift with no holiday as previous booked. Given that my manager is off this week (very convenient), I approached another manager who treated me like dirt and basically made me feel like I was being an inconvenience for wanting to take holidays that I HAD BOOKED. I mean, how dare I!? Long story short, I left at 14:00 without my shift being updated and fully expect to be handed my P45 when I turn up tomorrow. As if this month couldn't get any worse.
  9. Yep! Our previous MK1 could usually get down to empty on the gauge fine with no adverse effects (my mother has a tendency to keep driving and not even look at the gauge until I fill it up), but one day with the needle above the empty mark and low fuel light not illuminated, it died on the driveway and wouldn't restart. Turns out it had ran out of fuel, despite the gauge still showing a positive reading. That said, for your situation I'm dubious as £47 would not fill it to the brim from empty, as it is a 55 litre tank (at least on the MK1s anyway) which would cost around £66 to fill, depending on the price. £47 would only get you around 40 litres, so even if you put 5 litres in from a jerry can that still leaves 10 litres unaccounted for.
  10. That's very dangerous! I hope you gave him a good blast of the horn.
  11. Hope to God I am wrong, but... Vauxhall Astra?
  12. Credit card
  13. Planning permission