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  1. I certainly hope so! Just got to keep that old Ford corrosion at bay...
  2. I know, a few times I gave the Fiesta a full valet and it looked stunning. Great colour, definitely the one I'd have chosen had I been ordering one new back in 2000! It is indeed the 1.8 Zetec engine (but "Zetec" is the trim level also), which is the best of the line-up in my opinion. I wouldn't even consider the 1.4 as in a car of that size/weight it would be gutless, and I'm sure the 1.6 was OK but why settle for that when you could go all the way and get the 1.8? 113BHP and 0-60 in less than 10 seconds is perfect for the car in my opinion, any less would be too slow and any more would be unnecessary. Despite my dislike for petrol engines, I have to say that further to taking it to Tesco tonight and driving through town, it is very smooth at low speeds and the engine is completely silent below 2,000RPM. A actually stopped at a roundabout and thought it had stalled, until I looked down at the tachometer and saw it was still running! Certainly different to the 405s, whose diesel clatter can be heard from a mile away!!
  3. Indeed you can't! Yeah, it'll mainly be my mother who drives it, and she only commutes locally. The 405s will be the main "mile eaters", mainly because they get 50+ MPG! If I remember right, the MK1 will be lucky to get 30-35.
  4. It's good to be back!! I had forgotten how comfortable the old Focuses (Foci?) are.
  5. As of 13:00 today, I now own a Ford again. It has been over a year since we got rid of our old Focus (2000 LX 1.8) as the rust had got too bad on both the body and chassis, plus other issues would have made it uneconomical to fix. Despite having over 180,000 miles on the clock, the engine had no problems and it was actually bought to be an engine donor, so its 1.8 is still on the road (hopefully!) in another Focus. Since then we owned a Volvo, a Nissan, a Fiat, and now have two Peugeots. There are only two of us, so two cars is sufficient, but when I saw the Gumtree ad for this last night, I couldn't resist! It is a 2000 Ford Focus 1.8, 5 door hatchback in State Blue (brought back memories of our MK4 Fiesta which was that colour) with the Zetec trim-level, which includes electric front windows (drivers automatic), air conditioning and a radio cassette!! Me being me, I am delighted with the latter. Most would prefer a CD player though, I suspect. Now you all know that I usually buy average to high mileage vehicles and am a firm believer that mileage isn't important, as long as it has been well treated. But, despite that I do appreciate that the lower the mileage, the better (generally...) and for a MK1 Focus, you can't really get better than this ones. 66,000 miles!! Pretty good if you ask me. The second best thing is what I paid for it. The Gumtree listing was asking for £200, but me being me I haggled and managed to knock a tenner off (seller wasn't very negotiable... ) so got it for £190. So for that you're probably expecting it to only have a few weeks MOT, as was I, but it is actually tested until March 2017!! It has a good MOT history, and failed the last one only for the offside front subframe being corroded, which was replaced with one out of a less corroded Focus (and of course I'll be getting it undercoated to prevent any corrosion attacking the new one). As for current issues, it does have the usual "Focus electrics", whereby the central locking only works by putting the key into the drivers door and doesn't actuate the N/S/R door, which you have to lock/unlock manually from the inside. Aside from that, it does have a drone from the O/S/F when going above 50MPH, which the previous owner thought may be the onset of a bad wheel bearing. It could be, as when you steer right the sound goes away, and gets worse when steering left. It is very quiet (almost unnoticeable) at the moment though, so should be OK for a while yet. So - pictures! I haven't cleaned it yet (its too hot and I'm too lazy), but I will... Someday... Original alloys in great condition, only the N/S/F is missing its centre cap, but I can pick another one of those up for a few pounds. A level up from our previous LX... All four tyres are Nokian winters which have over 3mm tread and are evenly worn, so will be perfect for this coming winter. There is also a brand new fifth Nokian in the boot (not mounted to a rim though) and it has the original space-saver spare tyre. The only bad bit is the rear arches are starting to go, as they always do. It is mainly just surface rust at the moment though, but I need to fix it ASAP before it sets in deep. Look at that mileage! The seller also sold it with almost half a tank of fuel (worth £30), but I topped it up to full as I hate running low. Locking wheel nut, and some strange "NORD-LOCK" contraption? Anybody know what the heck that is? Two wallets, complete with two sets of all the manuals... I can only guess one must have gone missing at some point and they bought another, then found the original. Sold new in October 2000 from a Ford dealer in Cheshire. The seller (who bought it in 2012) kept it well serviced, which is wonderful to see! Last done in March this year, and the oil is still golden. That said, I'll get it done soon as it has done 6,000 miles since then. If you go by the 10 year/100,000 mile rule, the timing belt is good for another four years, but I'd be tempted to do it in the next couple of years to be safe! And that's it... I think I got a bargain for £190, even if the car was only used as a winter beater until the MOT expires, it would be a good deal - although I aim to keep it on the road for years to come. It still has another 120,000 miles left to go before it matches our previous Focus! As long as I can keep the body and chassis from rotting away, the engine will do that easily. Although I bought it for my mother, I have a feeling I'll be using it regularly alongside my 405, as it really is a great car to drive. It took a few miles of driving to get used to the petrol engine and clutch though! I hate not being able to move off without revving, and the fact that the clutch is so light and easy to press. I love petrol with an automatic, but with a manual it just doesn't feel "right" to me. But, that's probably just me!
  6. Not a Fiesta, but a MK1 Focus! I'm very happy with it, especially at the price... About to give it a quick wash and will then post some pictures.
  7. I do like leaving this morning with this... And coming back with this... More information/pictures will follow in a separate thread! Lets just say yesterday's plan came to fruition.
  8. I don't like blowing my cigarette lighter fuse a few weeks ago with a dodgy phone charger, and only remembering today when I forgot my lighter and thought "never mind, I'll just use the cigarette lighter"... Nope!! It wouldn't be such a problem if I could remember where I put my fuses, but do you think I can? If you answered "no", then you'd be correct.
  9. Well, communication with the Fiesta seller was going well until he went silent... But, I then saw a MK1 Focus pop up (also semi-local) and have arranged to view that tomorrow morning. Who knows, by this time tomorrow I could be a worthy member of the forum again, rather than just hanging around banging on about my Peugeots!
  10. I do like seeing a semi-local Fiesta which would be a nice little run around for my mother (and save the 405's clutch from complete destruction!), although there are no pictures on the Gumtree listing. The price leads me to believe there will be some wear and tear to it though, despite the description of "great condition". I've emailed the seller for pictures/more information, so we'll see... If it is in good condition, I wouldn't think twice about snapping it up. It's the 1.25 engine as well, rather than the terrible 1.3. Time will tell!
  11. I don't like customers telling me how to do my job... "I know DPA inside out, and you will discuss this with me"... Afraid not, Sir. I usually get some pleasure from them getting wound up at their own stupidity, but today it just depressed and frustrated me.
  12. Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive!
  13. Join the club... Theoretically I have a little spare, but I have a feeling that will go on the GTX come its MOT in five days time!
  14. I don't like seeing that the new owner of the Santa Fe has put it in for its MOT (20 days after expiry), and to say "it failed" would be an understatement! Mind you, at least I had the right idea in selling it before the MOT expired! The GTX may be a bit dodgy, but I doubt it will fail as badly as that.
  15. Yes, I've had a lot of cyclists riding two abreast recently. If they get out of my way and wave an apology as I pass then that is OK, but the ones who look back, see I'm stuck behind them and then CONTINUE to take up the whole fecking road irritate the crap out of me. And then they say "we have as much right to be on the road as you"... Let me ask you a question, do you pay road tax? No? THEN YOU DON'T HAVE AS MUCH RIGHT AS ME!