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  1. As expensive as it would be, one of my dreams is to have a US/Canada RV trip!! Mind you, I'd be happy to do it in a smaller motorhome such as a Ford Econoline with just the basic necessities and much better MPG. Even a 7.3 litre IDI diesel should be able to get 15-20MPG which is pretty incredible actually. Of course I'm talking about 20+ year old models, but you now what I'm like, I wouldn't travel in anything newer!!
  2. Holy Moses!! Even with US/Canada fuel prices that would still be damn expensive, but then again if you are rich enough to afford one of those machines in the first place you are probably rich enough to not worry about fuel costs...
  3. Makes my Rover look like a Prius!!
  4. I do like putting £50 of diesel in the 405 today and knowing that will last me at least 500 miles. No electronics or computers, just four wheels and an engine. Simple!!
  5. Agreed!!
  6. I prefer a V6 to be honest as opposed to most modern V8s. An old school 1960s V8 though... Nothing can beat that!!
  7. I do miss having a V6, nothing beats that sound!
  8. Haha, yeah that's true I suppose!!
  9. That's true. I managed to replace the glow plugs (well, 3 out of 4!) easily enough, but the job was made a lot harder by the fact I only had basic tools and wasn't confident stripping more parts off than necessary. Once we get moved to a house with off-road parking I may invest in some better tools and see if I can attempt it!!
  10. Sadly, you are right. Not all, but some.
  11. Haha, well the 405's timing belt is due replacement in a couple of years and I think I'd trust you more than the local garages!! The best solution would be to learn to do it myself but thanks to my anxiety there's no way I would tackle something as serious as that on my own...
  12. I'll bear that in mind if I'm ever in Fife...
  13. Ah yes, I remember those days... Only memories for me though!! Not that I am at all qualified in the areas of financial success or parenthood, but the way I see it is that as long as you have a comfortable income then the best thing is to spend as much time with your children as possible, as once they grow up that is it. You will always have opportunities to earn more money once they are older and have moved out etc...
  14. Well, you know what I'm like with used cars Chris!! If I were local I could probably get her something decent for less than £200, but Scotland is a bit far away unfortunately... You never know, if she buys a MK1 then she may give it to you when she gets the Peugeot back and then you will have a MK1 to restore!!
  15. What about this? You should have a good look on Gumtree in her general area, there are a lot of decent cars on there. Try 30-50 miles from her post code, as many sellers will take the car nearer or you could drive her to it. This one too...