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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself!
  2. Well, lets hope so! All the tyres are good, brakes work and there shouldn't be any undercarriage corrosion, so the only issue could be the rumbling noise above 40MPH which I suspect to be a wheel bearing. There is some clunking over bumps but that just sounds like anti-roll bar link bushes which is only an advisory unless they go completely.
  3. The gear linkages were known to be prone to failure on the MK1 Foci, so I could check that first.
  4. I don't like the Focus' MOT expiring today... It has been parked up for the past 8 days and will continue to sit until Friday when I get paid and can put it in for the test. It passed the last one with no advisories (failed the first time for a corroded subframe which was replaced) at just under 60,000 miles and it now has just over 70,000 miles.
  5. You've put a lot into the LX, so it would make better financial sense to drive it and get your money's worth as you say, but at the end of the day only you can decide how much a Ghia/Titanium X is worth to you and whether you should change or not.
  6. I haven't ventured outside yet, but it looks like it could be the same here!
  7. Thanks Lenny, I appreciate that. Some very good advice there which I will try to take on board. I'm going to be off work for the next few weeks at least (signed off) so hopefully I can start to make some headway and at least determine where I stand and how to proceed. Hitherto I have been blocking it all out and just focusing on going to work etc, which is the worst thing you can do and only makes it worse in the long run.
  8. This one? That's shockingly bad structural integrity in my opinion.
  9. I haven't seen anything like that in... Well, ever!
  10. Yeah, but the doctor writes the prescription for a specific medication and the chemist cannot alter that. I may ask though and then relay back to the doctor what their advice was.
  11. Chicken and rice makes everything nice! It was wishful thinking that I could keep to just that, and ended up having another serving of rice and three more drumsticks... Then I wonder why I'm unfit!!
  12. No, dinner was at 13:00! Where I live in Scotland lunch is called "dinner", and dinner is called "tea".
  13. Good point, but it is still down to the doctor at the end of the day as they write the prescription.
  14. I do like my tea tonight! Chicken drumsticks bought from Tesco reduced to £1.50, seasoned with olive oil, mixed herbs and paprika. With some rice it is a fairly healthy and filling tea.
  15. I like those new side repeaters! The orange lenses look fine on the original MK1s as they also have orange indicator lenses mounted to the lower front bumper, but on the facelift models the indicators are integral to the headlamp units so orange side repeaters look out of place.