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  1. Things I Don't Like

    I hope you didn't pay for it, or at least complained?
  2. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like booking the Punto in to have the bonnet release cable replaced at a labour charge of £50...  It's cheaper than anywhere else, but still £50!!  I couldn't do it myself though, with having no off-road space and the car being parked on a busy road.  So, when I get paid it'll go in and be fixed - which is a good thing really.
  3. Things I Do Like

    That's great - I hope they go well!  I've only had two so far (being busy with work and the stupid hours) but they both went well and I feel that I gained a lot.  Although £26 is considered quite expensive, for the amount of knowledge and experience I am gaining from it, I don't think it is an unreasonable price at all.  If I had the money I'd happily pay the instructor £30 per lesson. 
  4. Things I Do Like

    I also like receiving my Unison pack through the post today, showing that I am now a member of the union at work (should I continue employment there!).
  5. Things I Do Like

    I do like opening the door of the electricity cupboard and seeing a regular meter!!  The pre-payment box has been removed - thank the Lord. I can now turn the heating on (knowing that I have the money to pay it at the end of the month) without worrying about running out of electric.  I know that I can afford the bill based on what has been used so far, but paying as you go wasn't working for me - not one bit.  I don't mind filling with petrol as and when required, but with electric it should be a constant supply that is paid after you use it - in my opinion.
  6. Things I Do Like

    Ah, that makes sense.  I was sitting there trying to work out how the juices from meat could contain dairy!  I think I need to turn off the computer when I reach a certain level of tiredness as my brain just stops functioning   Yes we use granules too sometimes, as it's quite rare a whole piece of meat gets cooked - working full time. 
  7. Things I Do Like

    Eh!?   As far as I knew all gravy comprised off was stock and flour.  I'd never add milk or any dairy to it.
  8. Things I Do Like

    I do agree, it has to be said.
  9. Things I Do Like

    What do you mean by stodgy beans?  I thought baked beans only came in one texture...
  10. Things I Don't Like

    Not just me then!
  11. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like a very interrupted sleep (caused by heartburn not even Setlers would cure) and then waking up to the thought of 8 hours at hell.  Yay, I love Mondays!
  12. Joke

    So true!
  13. Things I Don't Like

    That makes sense!  Our rent (council house) is only £200 per month and both cars are bought outright, so my £13k salary is just sufficient.  JUST! 
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Yep, that's my yearly pre-tax income!  I didn't choose it, trust me - I'd be in a better paid job if I could get one.  No one chooses that level of income. Quite frankly, I'd love to "struggle" on a £25k job.  Not having a go at you Matt, just irritated with my life in general!
  15. Dodgy Dimplex... Help Required!

    Thanks for the advice - taking it back is not an option as although it was new it is an older model (bought privately).  I'm thinking it could be the heat sensor as it heats on 2 for 30 seconds before cutting out.