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  1. Lucky you... Joking aside, there are some nice areas, especially if you are visiting from elsewhere. Whereabouts are you staying?
  2. That's true. I'm not a fan of B&Bs, but if there was a caravan park somewhere en route I could rent one stop half way for a few days, explore and then continue the journey. In fact, I don't have an plans for my summer holidays yet so that could well materialise!
  3. Yeah, neither have I which is equally as disgraceful! If/when I do it I'd have to take the Rover as there is no way my knee could cope with 500 miles of driving a manual in one day! The depressing part is that it would take almost a tank and a half of fuel to complete, not including getting to and from Inverness. Worth it though, I bet.
  4. I'll have to do that some day!
  5. I wonder if they do it in shag pile?
  6. I don't like seeing this news article! That means that there will only be one RBS branch within 20 miles of my house. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me.
  7. I would suggest some up here, but they would be over 4 hours away!!
  8. It immediately brought this to mind...
  9. I do like passing another V-reg Rover 600! What are the chances of that?
  10. That's what I thought too Jon, very strange that they would both pass out/die at the exact same time... If one remained conscious when the other passed out first, then you'd think they would call for help and get out of the car!? Yes they may still have died from exposure, but to be both sitting in the vehicle having made no effort to get out is very odd.
  11. No, it's because you are NORMAL!! Admittedly there aren't many black people in my area, but the ones I have met and spoken to are down to earth and are not sensitive whatsoever to things like that, unless they are deliberately intended to be racist. Some people (regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation) are just pathetic and will use anything they can to get attention and put others in a bad light.
  12. I don't like our last guinea pig dying today... I knew she had been on her last legs for a few weeks (at least), and last night it appeared that she had suffered a stroke with limited mobility to one side of her body. She seemed back to normal today, but this evening my mother found her cold. She was 8 years old, which is the top-end of life expectancy for guinea pigs, if that is any consolation. We originally got three guinea pigs in 2009, the one in question alongside her mother and the mother's sister. The other two died a few years ago so it was only her left. It's strange to think that a few years ago we had over 10 fish, three guinea pigs, two hamsters and the cat. Now we only have the cat, and to be honest when she dies (currently 12 years old) I doubt we'll get another pet. They do give a lot of love but they are also a lot of work, and make "spur of the moment" holidays rather difficult, if not impossible.
  13. Indeed!
  14. I know what you mean. Same as people thinking that every Catholic is a paedophile, it is stereotypical and wrong!
  15. Check with your current insurer, or do an online comparison.