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  1. Or if you opt for a high-spec model, you also get page 6 which includes the numbers of local taxi companies.
  2. Not exactly a burning love then?
  3. Well, they do say that cars without Air Conditioning get hot, but Vauxhall took it a step too far!
  4. They do, but a local pyromaniac was looking for a run-around so she got £300 for it.
  5. How very ageist of you Tom! In all seriousness, I do prefer electric windows, but in winter they are a pain in the backside when they freeze shut. I've never had a problem with the 405s windows in winter, as even if they are frozen a good yank on the winder frees them up, but in the Focus and C220 the electric motors are too weak to break the ice and you have to wait for them to defrost naturally, which can take over 30 minutes. Not exactly convenient if you want a quick cigarette on the drive to work!! Speaking of which (and getting back on subject), one of my colleagues quit smoking today... She sold her Corsa!! (Drum-roll please...).
  6. Even then it is too far open in my opinion. Both rear windows open slightly would provide the same ventilation surely?
  7. Well, technically given the season it should probably be chestnuts...
  8. I can see a pattern forming here!
  9. Ah yes, I have wondered where he got to.
  10. Careful what you wish for...
  11. It is one thing doing work on the engine, because if you screw it up then the worst that will happen is it conks out and you are stuck at the side of the road - no big deal. If you screw up the brakes then you could kill somebody, EVEN AT LOW SPEEDS.
  12. Indeed! There is a slight splutter from cylinder-1 for the first few seconds until it warms up, but it isn't noticeable and causes no problems starting. When it comes to changing them again (which I hopefully won't need to do for another few years at least, given that they are Bosch plugs!) I think I'll just do the three as there is no way number 1 will come out easily, and it isn't worth the trouble to be honest. A lot of people run old diesels with only 3 plugs anyway if one snaps off.
  13. Yeah, well... Starts up no problem with new plugs though!
  14. I do like a trip to Tesco on the way home, and finding their offer on 1 litre bottles of spirits for £15!!