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  1. Welcome to the forum! My family is from Dundee, but I haven't visited for quite some time now.
  2. I'm so happy for you Ghana, and it sounds like a very professional and well-run organisation you are rehoming her from.
  3. You never know, if the price is right I still may end up buying it. But regardless, any useful information is better out there so that people can find it in the future.
  4. That's interesting. Not sure why I thought they were DBW... If it is the cable and it is the same set-up as the 1.6, is it an easy fix?
  5. Really? So they aren't drive-by-wire?
  6. Nut allergy
  7. I viewed and test drove a MK1 Focus Ghia 2.0 a few days ago, and it drove well, but the accelerator pedal was incredibly stiff. It felt like there was a floor mat jammed under it, but there was not. Is this a common issue, and what exactly could the problem be? Aside from that I saw no mechanical issues with the car and am fairly keen on buying it, but would like some clarification on this first. Thank you...
  8. No, you're right. For £100 more I could get a 1999 Focus Ghia with the 2.0 Zetec engine. Bodywork isn't great (then again neither is the Fiesta!), but it has no running issues and is a much more desirable car. The only downside to that (aside from shelling out another £100) is that it only has an MOT until March, as opposed to the Fiesta which has one until September. The Focus would be a car that I'd need to get through at least one MOT if it were to make financial sense, whereas the Fiesta (if cheaply fixed) could be kept going until the MOT expires and then scrapped but still be a good deal for 8 months of driving.
  9. That's true. I don't know, but if I go and view it tomorrow or Sunday I'll find out. I'm not keen on the car, purely because it has the 1.3 engine. If it were the 1.25 Zetec I'd buy it in a heartbeat at the price, but the Endura-E just doesn't do it for me. It would be good as a cheap "beater" to drive and not really care about until the MOT expires, if I can cheaply/easily fix the engine issue. I don't want to buy it and end up spending hundreds getting it to run right though!
  10. Indeed I do!! It only has 70,000 miles and is on the original clutch (plenty of life left) so I think it would be wise to follow the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it".
  11. Well, that'll keep me amused in traffic jams if there is nothing good on the radio!!
  12. Sounds good to me!
  13. Would that cause symptoms which would disappear by simply restarting the engine?
  14. Unfortunately not, my salary will only stretch to one, and the Focus is the more practical car, plus it is 15 miles away as opposed to the 406 which is over 100 miles away. What would really be a decision maker for me would be an automatic transmission, but both the Focus and 406 are 5-speed manuals.
  15. I do like seeing a Peugeot 406 coupé 3.0 V6 for sale locally for a great price, and then checking the insurance to find it would only cost me £60 per month to insure! As tempting as it is, a 25MPG 200BHP 2-door coupé isn't exactly what I "need"... Lets just say that if it is still available by the end of next week, I may not be able to resist.