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  1. Haha! I bet you're getting a damn sight more BHP out of that than a 1.6 automatic, or my 1.8 manual even!!
  2. So do we, which I did for the first 5 days before getting signed off by the doctor, which means you no longer have to call in as you are officially unfit to work for a set period of time.
  3. That's interesting, as ours does contact employees when they are signed off, and blatantly ask when you expect to return. It isn't a requirement though, so I will simply be ignoring the call. The sick note states I am off from 27.03.2017-17.04.2017, so they will see me on 18.04.2017 if I choose to return, and they will have no contact with me before then.
  4. I don't like my Acer Aspire laptop peeing me off to the point where I'm looking for a replacement... I do need something with better performance in the long run, so it may be a blessing in disguise however.
  5. 30-35MPG isn't great, but is unfortunately normal, especially for an automatic. My 1.8 manual gets around 32MPG and that is with me driving like an old woman keeping the revs below 3,000RPM and keeping 5MPH below the speed limits. Hence why I prefer diesels, as my 405 with its 1.9 turbo diesel gets over 45MPG regardless of how I drive it.
  6. No it's fine, the pay comes directly from the company as per norm, whether they claim it back from welfare or not I'm unsure, but it isn't something the employees have to worry about. Trust me, over 50% of the workforce have been signed off at some point in time so it is well known how it works!!
  7. Again, you are much more generous than most employers! With my company it works on a scaling system based on your time served. Under 6 months you get no sick pay for the first three days then SSP comes in, and you get (from memory) 1 month fully paid when signed off. Between 6-12 months it is still unpaid for the first three days but you get 3 months fully paid when signed off, and over 12 months (in my case) all sick leave is fully paid and you can be signed off for up to 6 months paid. I could be slightly wrong there as I haven't got my contract to hand at the minute, but that's roughly how it stands.
  8. Over the past few months I've been noticing cracks appearing in the bathroom walls, and also in some areas downstairs on the same walls. The house was built in the 1960s so it could just be natural movement, but it seems to be happening quite suddenly as far as I'm concerned! Anyway, if anybody knows about building please take a look at the below pictures and let me know what you think... Excuse the spider remains! Forgot to clean them off since its death a few days ago... I am tempted to literally paint over the cracks, but if they are going to keep getting worse there is no point, and even plastering over them wouldn't work if the walls continue to shift.
  9. That's true! Perhaps not a bad idea to wrap a plaster round it or something, so there is nothing to catch?
  10. This would be better suited in the Focus section and you would get more responses there.
  11. Lets hope the new ones are built slightly better, and the drivers thereof have a bit more between their ears...
  12. I do like checking this month's payslip to find that I have been fully paid, despite them having marked me down as "SICKNESS - UNPAID" on the schedule. Due to my time served with the company I am entitled to full sick pay, but I was half expecting them to dock my wages anyway and result in me going down there and having quite a large argument with my manager. Fortunately such a visit will not be required. I also like my time off being marked down on the schedule meaning I am off until April 18th, at which point I will either: Return to work Have found other employment Get signed off for an extended period Time will tell which one of the above takes place. Number two would obviously be the best in the long-run.
  13. That's a bad one Kevin (the thumb, not the finger!). Must have been bad when it first happened, considering that was some time ago now.
  14. Yeah, I know right? The driver's pride on the other hand, is permanently dented.
  15. I couldn't have said it better myself!