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  1. What complete and utter retards!! I would be putting in a serious complaint to them, as not only have they ruined the car but also caused you a major inconvenience.
  2. I've never sleep walked in my life, but I expect that is because I'm too lazy...
  3. In that situation I'd happily take the scratches compared to the alternative!!
  4. Oil change
  5. If it was fine before they screwed it up, then you shouldn't pay anything to have the issue rectified.
  6. Looks like you are scraping branches from trees or bushes. That happened to the wing and door on my grandfather's car when he drove down country lanes a lot.
  7. I do like finding a rather appropriate typewriter for sale!
  8. I do like clearing out my bedroom today, which had been getting worse and worse over the past 6 months. If you have ever seen the programme "Hoarders", then picture a typical room in one of the hoarder's houses, and that's what my bedroom looked like. The bed was accessible, but everything else was pretty much piled up to the roof. Over 50% of it is being thrown out as it is either broken or no longer needed, and the other 50% has been relocated to other rooms or simply put away more neatly so it doesn't clutter the space. It'll start to grow again over time, as I am a hoarder and there's nothing that can be done about that, but as long as I clear it out every few months to stop it taking complete control then it's as good as it will ever be.
  9. Whilst clearing out my cupboards and drawers filled with years worth of crap today I came across my old Nokia, to discover it is actually the 3310's successor, the 3410. As for whether it still works, I've no idea! I haven't got the charger and am not prepared to buy one just to find out, but I'll keep a hold of the phone in case I ever decide to put it back into use again...
  10. I don't like being absolutely exhausted after only a few hours of cleaning up the house! I really am out of shape, that's for sure...
  11. Indeed. The edges are very rutted also which means if you catch one with your tyre you can get pulled right into the ditch.
  12. Yes, but riding two abreast on a narrow country road can mean that it is impossible to safely overtake them as they take up the same width as a car, and you wouldn't/couldn't overtake one of those.
  13. I don't like buying screen-wash tonight then discovering I still had half a bottle of the £10 stuff (see previous don't like post!) left!! It isn't the end of the world as I'll use it soon enough, but didn't need to buy it tonight off my limited money I have before pay day.
  14. Speaking of overtaking widely, my dislike for today is cyclists riding two abreast. Not so much of a problem on wide roads, but on winding narrow country lanes - seriously!? I pay road tax, I pay fuel tax, I pay car insurance, I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. Cyclists pay no taxes for their push bikes and create far too much danger on the roads.
  15. Glad to hear it was just the mirror that was damaged! Could have been a lot worse. That did happen with our old Primera when my mother passed an oncoming vehicle over a blind summit! Fortunately the casing survived, with the mirror only sustaining a single crack. Mind you, it isn't the first time my mother has damaged a wing mirror, as she completely ripped the MK4 Fiesta's passenger mirror off against the fence whilst reversing down the driveway, then scraped the previous Focus' passenger mirror along a brick wall for a few feet...