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  1. Not really. Of course the SNP will keep campaigning for Scottish independence (rightly so), but after the "no" vote they did accept it and didn't make pathetic arguments that completely disregarded the outcome. They didn't like it, but they didn't try to overturn it either.
  2. I don't like all the "remainers" throwing their toys out of the pram because they didn't get their way in the referendum, and practically disregarding the result. It's pathetic. Why have a democracy if you won't listen to the majority!?
  3. Agreed. It takes 15 minutes to defrost the Mercedes "traditionally", which is an age by comparison.
  4. Not meaning to sound harsh, but you shouldn't have really be driving if you were panicking and not thinking straight... The worst thing to do after a period of going very slow is to go very fast. That's when another accident happens!
  5. I don't like people letting me down, and then saying I'm unreasonable for being angry about it!!
  6. I don't like having to leave work two hours into my shift due to stomach cramps, vomiting and... Well, you get the picture. We didn't eat any fresh meat last night so I have no idea what has caused it, but it feels like food poisoning or perhaps just a stomach bug. Either way, I'm now at home with a Cup-A-Soup and a pack of Prochlorperazine. Good times!!
  7. That's not bad for a petrol, almost as good as my turbo diesels!
  8. They could have at least moved forward and parked in the disabled bay! Given their driving (or parking) skills, it is fairly certain they have some sort of disability...
  9. I know, and I could lower that risk by warming the engine up prior to changing them, but the only problem with that is that it WILL NOT start in its current condition, so it's catch-22.
  10. Hmm... Maybe I should take up bird watching!!
  11. What that man said! Or do what I did with my 405 and wait 20 years, then you can pick one up for £500!
  12. I do like having tomorrow off, and a meal out at night with work colleagues... Not too sure how the latter will pan out as a few of them don't get on ("detest" would be a better word!), but as long as there is red wine I'll be happy!
  13. I do like ordering the glow plugs for the 405!! Hopefully they will arrive quickly and I can fit them myself, to get the car running again. The only "complicated" bit should be removing the intercooler, which is apparently easy and I've bought another seal for it in case the old one can't be reused.
  14. When you say "struggle from 85", do you mean 85MPH? I know I am hardly a stickler for speed limits, but that's taking it a bit extreme, even on motorways. And if that is how fast you are going, then 38MPG is pretty good!!
  15. Exactly what happened to me a few months ago! Lightening struck the house and blew our Sky router.