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  1. If it has been off the road for a while then it is probably just getting itself settled back into regular use again, and the fuel economy is increasing as everything clears itself out.
  2. A couple of Foci have been lowered in the "don't like" thread, but not in the intentional sense...
  3. I can imagine!!
  4. Write to your local MP as well, they probably won't do anything but worth a try even if you just carbon copy them into the email to the council.
  5. Ouch! I've never had a spring go in any of our vehicles, which is surprising given the amount of pot holes and speed bumps in my area!!
  6. That is random! Never heard of them snapping when the car is stationary, but it is the best time for them to go as opposed to whilst driving.
  7. Crikey! 300 miles would barely get me through a week, but then I am a habitual driver...
  8. I do like Smooth radio. One station that plays almost no modern music!!
  9. I don't like the Focus being booked in for its MOT tomorrow at 13:00... I'm almost certain at least one wheel bearing will fail (loud droning over 40MPH which seems to be coming from the O/S/F) but other than that I don't know. If it just fails on the bearing then that'll be great and I'll get them to replace it there and then, but if it fails on a pile of other things then I may have to contemplate fixing it if the costs outweigh the value of the car. Don't worry though, even in worst case scenario it would be replaced immediately with another Ford!!
  10. I do like a good 40 mile drive in the 405 today and enjoying its manual transmission for a change! First time I've actually appreciated it since buying the Rover, and I still prefer autos but on the open road nothing beats a 5-speed!! I also like getting paid tomorrow...
  11. I don't like how much I dislike driving a manual after getting accustomed to the Rover's automatic...
  12. They are internal and solid walls.
  13. Haha! I bet you're getting a damn sight more BHP out of that than a 1.6 automatic, or my 1.8 manual even!!
  14. So do we, which I did for the first 5 days before getting signed off by the doctor, which means you no longer have to call in as you are officially unfit to work for a set period of time.
  15. That's interesting, as ours does contact employees when they are signed off, and blatantly ask when you expect to return. It isn't a requirement though, so I will simply be ignoring the call. The sick note states I am off from 27.03.2017-17.04.2017, so they will see me on 18.04.2017 if I choose to return, and they will have no contact with me before then.