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  1. Since I bought the Focus (1.8 Zetec petrol engine with IB5 gearbox) it has had an issue which I haven't been too bothered about, and couldn't find an answer by searching Google so put it on the "back burner". The issue is that there is an intermittent high-pitched whining noise when the clutch is depressed. When the pedal is released it is completely silent and never makes a noise when driving, even during heavy acceleration. By intermittent, I mean it is there 75% of the time and the other 25% it just vanishes. Am I correct in saying it sounds like the throw out bearing, and if so how long should I expect it to last, and if/when it "goes", how exactly would it fail? At the moment the noise level is audible over the engine, but not obscene to the point where it sounds like the gearbox is going to explode!! Either way, the car cost £190 so I am hesitant to do anything until it is absolutely necessary, so if it will last another few years, or can even be left until it does fail (provided the car isn't driven far away from home), then I'd rather do that than fix it straight away.
  2. I am still looking at buying another car, and have found a Fiesta locally which would be a good deal, but it has an issue with the engine whereby (from the seller's description) on longer journeys it begins to lose power, shudder, and stall. Apparently turning the engine off and restarting resolves this and it goes back to running fine, so it sounds to me like some sensor/electrical issue. It has already had the lambda sensor replaced and the spark plugs, so what does that leave that could be causing the problem? I know that isn't a lot to go on, but it is all I have from the information obtained from the current owner and I want to get an idea as to what it could need doing before I view and consider purchasing. Thanks!
  3. Unfortunately not, and driving it with the screw in situ is incredibly dangerous.
  4. Good point, I'd check that. Still, the fact remains that if the registration number has changed the vehicle will not be covered if the insurance pertains to the old one.
  5. Lets hope he wasn't speeding!!
  6. I think that's the only way. It's stupid in my opinion, to have a two-line gap every time you press the return key.
  7. Like this, eh? I did keep meaning to at least fit wheel trims to it, but given the missing paint and rust, bare steel wheels were more fitting!!
  8. Put it this way, if they were any worse I'd seriously consider giving up driving and staying in my house 24/7 (and even then one of them would probably crash through my front lawn!).
  9. I'm so sorry to read this, I really did hope she was making a recovery. It doesn't surprise me that she had suffered strokes, as her condition did seem akin to that of my grandparent's late labrador. You gave her a very happy and long life Ghana, against the odds considering her situation before you rescued her. She's in a better place now.
  10. I couldn't agree more. Some people deserve help, others don't. Simple as that.
  11. Damn right!
  12. If you suspect she is driving without insurance, and she is a dangerous driver, then it is your duty (in my opinion) to report it.
  13. You would think so, but in the times I've done it only once or twice has it resulted in a driver turning their lights on. If you are too stupid to realise you need your lights on then you are also too stupid to realise what flashing lights from an oncoming vehicle means. Some people should just take the bus!!
  14. I prefer the natural, rugged look myself...
  15. I don't like passing over 20 cars with blown headlamp(s), 5 with high beams on, 3 with poorly aligned headlamps, and 4 that hadn't bothered to switch them on full stop!! All in the space of 27 miles going from Nairn to Lossiemouth tonight. IDIOTS!! EVERYWHERE!!!!