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  1. I do like passing another V-reg Rover 600! What are the chances of that?
  2. That's what I thought too Jon, very strange that they would both pass out/die at the exact same time... If one remained conscious when the other passed out first, then you'd think they would call for help and get out of the car!? Yes they may still have died from exposure, but to be both sitting in the vehicle having made no effort to get out is very odd.
  3. No, it's because you are NORMAL!! Admittedly there aren't many black people in my area, but the ones I have met and spoken to are down to earth and are not sensitive whatsoever to things like that, unless they are deliberately intended to be racist. Some people (regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation) are just pathetic and will use anything they can to get attention and put others in a bad light.
  4. I don't like our last guinea pig dying today... I knew she had been on her last legs for a few weeks (at least), and last night it appeared that she had suffered a stroke with limited mobility to one side of her body. She seemed back to normal today, but this evening my mother found her cold. She was 8 years old, which is the top-end of life expectancy for guinea pigs, if that is any consolation. We originally got three guinea pigs in 2009, the one in question alongside her mother and the mother's sister. The other two died a few years ago so it was only her left. It's strange to think that a few years ago we had over 10 fish, three guinea pigs, two hamsters and the cat. Now we only have the cat, and to be honest when she dies (currently 12 years old) I doubt we'll get another pet. They do give a lot of love but they are also a lot of work, and make "spur of the moment" holidays rather difficult, if not impossible.
  5. Indeed!
  6. I know what you mean. Same as people thinking that every Catholic is a paedophile, it is stereotypical and wrong!
  7. Check with your current insurer, or do an online comparison.
  8. Good thing it only happened when she was nearly home! I don't imagine she'd have had enough strength to steer if the power steering had failed entirely.
  9. See, that's how it should be in my opinion. A colleague of mine lived in South Africa for many years and has told me it is still the same over there with very strict school attire. The UK has become incredibly lackadaisical when it comes to discipline in general and especially schools. But of course, the "political correctness" and sects have made it so that you cannot tell anybody to do anything as you are being "discriminatory"! No school in the UK would get away with telling girls not to wear trousers or it would be headline news and their name dragged through the mud for "not allowing children to express their true sexuality". Same as they could not ban boys from wearing skirts... MADNESS!! It's all gone to hell in a hand basket!!
  10. I do like realising I've done over 500 miles in the Rover 623 since buying it 11 days ago, and every mile has been a pleasure with no problems at all. The usual nagging pain in my left leg has completely gone and I have minimal back pain. If we had a driveway I would actually take the 405 off the road for this summer and just drive the Rover, but alas not so I have to keep both cars on the road, and try to drive both equally.
  11. Yep! The threat of getting a smack was quite common when I was growing up, but in the past 10 years it has become totally unacceptable to the point where parents have no control whatsoever! It's absolutely ridiculous. I think I got smacked maybe 2-3 times at the most, which was enough to teach me not to misbehave when it was threatened again!!
  12. Exactly! It is a bad parent that hides their child away from any swearing for fear that they will repeat it. A good parent shouldn't worry about the occasional swear word being heard by their child, because they have enough discipline not to repeat it.
  13. Well, to be honest those three things have been in the media since the 1960s, so I don't think it is so much that children are exposed to more these days, but that the parents don't care enough to tell children what they should and should not do. Just because you see something on TV or online, it doesn't mean you should do it yourself.
  14. It's similar to Coors Light. A very mild beer, but good quality nonetheless.
  15. Where are you from originally then?