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  1. I don't like blowing my cigarette lighter fuse a few weeks ago with a dodgy phone charger, and only remembering today when I forgot my lighter and thought "never mind, I'll just use the cigarette lighter"... Nope!! It wouldn't be such a problem if I could remember where I put my fuses, but do you think I can? If you answered "no", then you'd be correct.
  2. Well, communication with the Fiesta seller was going well until he went silent... But, I then saw a MK1 Focus pop up (also semi-local) and have arranged to view that tomorrow morning. Who knows, by this time tomorrow I could be a worthy member of the forum again, rather than just hanging around banging on about my Peugeots!
  3. I do like seeing a semi-local Fiesta which would be a nice little run around for my mother (and save the 405's clutch from complete destruction!), although there are no pictures on the Gumtree listing. The price leads me to believe there will be some wear and tear to it though, despite the description of "great condition". I've emailed the seller for pictures/more information, so we'll see... If it is in good condition, I wouldn't think twice about snapping it up. It's the 1.25 engine as well, rather than the terrible 1.3. Time will tell!
  4. I don't like customers telling me how to do my job... "I know DPA inside out, and you will discuss this with me"... Afraid not, Sir. I usually get some pleasure from them getting wound up at their own stupidity, but today it just depressed and frustrated me.
  5. Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive!
  6. Join the club... Theoretically I have a little spare, but I have a feeling that will go on the GTX come its MOT in five days time!
  7. I don't like seeing that the new owner of the Santa Fe has put it in for its MOT (20 days after expiry), and to say "it failed" would be an understatement! Mind you, at least I had the right idea in selling it before the MOT expired! The GTX may be a bit dodgy, but I doubt it will fail as badly as that.
  8. Yes, I've had a lot of cyclists riding two abreast recently. If they get out of my way and wave an apology as I pass then that is OK, but the ones who look back, see I'm stuck behind them and then CONTINUE to take up the whole fecking road irritate the crap out of me. And then they say "we have as much right to be on the road as you"... Let me ask you a question, do you pay road tax? No? THEN YOU DON'T HAVE AS MUCH RIGHT AS ME!
  9. I do like a relaxing evening with a film and a few glasses of wine! I think Buttons appreciates it when I watch TV for extended periods of time, due to the heat created by the old CRT which makes for a very cosy sleeping area for her...
  10. I was just thinking that!! How dare they...
  11. I've had a few near misses, thankfully all in daylight and on empty roads where I could brake and swerve to avoid them, but sometimes these things are just unavoidable, especially at night. By the sounds of it - it wouldn't have suffered - if that is any consolation...
  12. No, Jamie just couldn't think of anything and then forgot about it!
  13. The only way to work it out accurately is to brim the tank, otherwise you have no way of knowing exactly how much fuel you've used. I've got one which works well, however it is for WP so probably not available for Android.
  14. I don't like waking up for the second day in a row feeling groggy! I mean, I always feel like crap in the mornings due to my poor sleeping and caffeine addiction, but this is worse than usual.
  15. I think some small cars still do. Three lug nuts (as long as they are tight) are perfectly safe, as long as the car isn't being driven like you stole it!