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  1. I prefer the natural, rugged look myself...
  2. I don't like passing over 20 cars with blown headlamp(s), 5 with high beams on, 3 with poorly aligned headlamps, and 4 that hadn't bothered to switch them on full stop!! All in the space of 27 miles going from Nairn to Lossiemouth tonight. IDIOTS!! EVERYWHERE!!!!
  3. Absolutely. Not to mention the times you go round a corner at night to find two sets of headlights coming towards you... Scottish drivers are brilliant... At being rubbish!!
  4. The one on the right:
  5. I think that is the case. Being away from any large cities or "rough areas" too helps in terms of reducing the risk of theft.
  6. You are probably right, but surely their main concern isn't my safety, but rather the probability of me causing a crash, which increases with engine size/power?
  7. I'm very glad to hear that Ghana! She may have just had a virus or something that has impacted her immune system, and will recover slowly but surely. P.S. When I saw the first picture I mistook the stuffed dog for Brandy, and then wondered who the "other dog" was...
  8. I haven't decided on the Focus yet, but I do like the insurance quote from Direct Line should I go for it! I don't quite understand it, as I am paying over £80 per month for the 405 with its old 1.9 turbo diesel producing 90BHP, but they are happy to charge me almost half for a Focus with a 2 litre petrol engine putting out 127BHP... Not that I'm complaining!!
  9. Not much stress if it is level ground. But I take your point.
  10. Yeah, the 405's rear drums have started sticking slightly, which is surprising as the handbrake barely works!! The Focus' drums have never given me any problems though, even when it was parked up for 2 weeks. That said, the previous MK1's O/S drum did seize up completely when it was parked for 3 weeks, but that was my own fault for parking it (knowing it would be sitting for an extended period of time) and leaving the handbrake on. I should have put it in gear and left the handbrake off. Speaking of which, isn't your Focus an automatic? In which case, unless you are parked on a slope then there is no need to apply the handbrake, so that could help avoid unnecessary embarrassments.
  11. I do like going to see the Focus this afternoon, but don't like being in a real dilemma now... It does have a fair bit of rust on the bodywork, the worst being the O/S/F wheel arch, and the alloys have seen better days, but the interior (fabric thankfully, I hate leather!) is in great condition with the usual fake walnut trim, and I need to do some rust repairs on the current MK1 anyway, so it isn't as major a problem as it looks. Having taken it on a test drive, the 2.0 pulls well, but didn't feel any faster than the 1.8, in fact it felt a bit more sluggish. Having asked about service history though, I suspect I know the reason for that... The current owner has had it 7 years and never once put it into a garage for anything other than absolutely necessary repairs, so the spark plugs are probably needing changed and the air filter is likely to be clogged. I daren't even think how long it has been since it last had an oil change... There is no smoke from the exhaust or tapping/knocking from the engine though, so it seems to have avoided any damage so far! God knows how... I took a couple of pictures of it, which I'll post below: I really don't know what to do... The seller would keep it until I have the cash next week, so I could buy it, but it is really worth it? Perhaps a few G&Ts will help!!
  12. Yours is a 2004 though, isn't it? It seems to be the pre-facelift MK1s that were the most prolific in terms of corrosion.
  13. Yeah, that's a bit too modern for me... I did email the seller of the Focus and she has advised it only has an MOT until March 17th, and from the pictures it has the typical rust on the rear arches and doors. The only real advantage is the 2.0 engine, Ghia spec and the fact it only has 70,000 miles... Certainly not worth what she is asking though. I may have a casual viewing tomorrow, just to see what it is really like. To be honest though, if she isn't prepared to drop the price then there is no chance of anybody buying it, when they could get something in similar condition with 12 months MOT for the same price. If I make a decent offer on the condition of keeping it until next Friday, that could in theory work to both the mine and the seller's advantage. Plus I'd have two MK1 Focuses...
  14. I don't like seeing a MK1 Focus Ghia 2.0 for sale very locally for a very good price, but not having the money as it is 11 days to pay-day... Why couldn't the seller have waited two weeks before listing for sale!? By the time I do get paid, the best deal will be Vauxhall Corsa with three flat tyres.
  15. That's great! Here's hoping she's just having a bad day and can rehydrate and recuperate.