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  1. I like the first coal fire since last winter... Albeit on my mother's insistance because she was "too cold" (I however was just fine), but the outside temperature is getting lower by the day, so may as well start now.
  2. I do like finding my mother's long-lost Nana Mouskouri cassette in a bag of miscellanious tapes earlier today. Tested it out in the Focus tonight and it plays perfectly, as do all of my cassettes (even the ones from the 1970s). I don't care what anybody says about CDs - I still prefer tapes!!
  3. I know what you mean! My manager couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel!! But, her word is always "right" and God help you if you contradict that...
  4. I bought my mother a basic electric blanket last year and she finds it effective, but I too am a "cold sleeper", unless it is absolutely frigid then I will use a hot water bottle. It is made by Beldray and seems to still be for sale. She's had no complaints and is happy with it. Just realised that you said "dual control", which the above is not. It has one control which heats the whole blanket.
  5. I don't like nearly T-boning a VW Golf which decided to pull out right in front of me at a roundabout this afternoon. I was in the Focus so easily braked and swerved out of the way, plus gave her a blast of the horn. Only afterwords did I see that she was a learner. Why didn't I know that before? Because the fecking L-plate was mounted to the top-left of the windscreen!! What is it with the recent influx of people sticking them there instead of on the bonnet/bumper where they can clearly be seen!? In that instance though seeing the L-plate in advance would have made no difference, as learner or not, I expect somebody behind the wheel of a car to know when to and not to pull out at a roundabout!! When a car is immediately to your right YOU DO NOT PULL OUT. *RANT OVER*
  6. I was in Inverness this afternoon, and thinking back I didn't have any murderous thoughts whilst there, so the drivers must have been of acceptable standard. My mother has received a blast or two on the Inshes roundabout, but that's the same for any roundabout with more than two lanes... What can I say, years of driving solely in Buckie/Elgin has taken it's toll on her city driving skills... That's presuming she had any to begin with, of course!
  7. Ah, the Moray driving traits have obviously made their way to Orkney. I don't think I've seen a single vehicle in the last week which has gone straight at a roundabout without indicating right. Are these people truly ret@rded? Wait, don't answer that!
  8. I also don't like the 405's rear suspension getting noticably lower and groaning at low speeds. Given their reputation for failing rear axles, I'm fearing the worst... That said, I did ask my mechanic about it at the last MOT and his words were "you'll know when it needs replaced, because it'll start steering from the rear end", and so far it still corners perfectly with no fish-tailing. Hopefully it'll last another month or two, as a refurbished axle is around £300 online, and the labour to have it fitted (plus extra parts that would probably break along the way) would be over £100 in itself. Ah, the joys of owning a 20 year old French car, and running it as your daily driver... I've been tempted to buy an old Fiesta/Focus/Mondeo/Escort as a work car and make the 405 my weekend cruiser, but full insurance for two vehicles would outweigh the financial benefit of less rapairs to the 405. That said, my left knee is begging me to get an automatic, so if one of the aforementioned models came up for the right price and was an auto, I would be very tempted.
  9. I don't like people who have to spoil every good thing I do, and then say that I am irrational for getting angry when they do.
  10. But even then it shows that the driver hasn't checked the tyres and/or noticed that the tracking/pressures were out. Still negligence either way. That said, I'm not trying to slander the OP and as you say, only he knows what the true story is, and it isn't really anybody elses business!
  11. I do like knowing that this time next week I'll be on holiday in Edinburgh, with my feet up and a glass of wine! Can't wait!!
  12. Good Lord! Mind you, my mother does that from time to time and it irritates the crap out of me. Never often enough, or severe enough to burn out the clutch though. I don't understand how people can drive with their foot resting on the clutch all the time, and actually press it enough to increase the revs without realising. I tried doing it deliberately myself to see how it feels, and by the time the clutch slipped I was pressing the clutch so hard that it was obvious to my foot that I was doing so! How people can do it "accidentally" is beyond me. That's true about the tyres... If they are truly worn-out after just 7k then he must have been doing burn-outs or drifting around every corner!
  13. That's true, but I think you'd know if your driving was so appalling that you could kill a clutch in less than 10k! You'd have to be constantly riding the clutch, which would be completely obvious unless the driver had no knowledge of driving/vehicle mechanics whatsoever. It definitely isn't something you could do and then say "I didn't do it!", unless you were blatantly lying.
  14. More often than not, in my experience anyway, batteries just up and die rather than slowly getting weaker and weaker. That's why I always say that the two most unpredictable things in cars are the batteries and belts, because either can suddenly go without warning, unlike most other parts which show warning signs in advance.
  15. I most certainly am not Tom, and am firmly of the view that "if in doubt, stop". Although looking at my reply it does insinuate that I too pulled out on the Vectra in question, which was not the case. In fact, she pulled out of a junction behind me and was purely irritated by the fact I was obeying the speed limits... My reference was to cars which are a safe distance away when you pull out, and if they maintained their speed would not have a problem, but choose to deliberately accelerate in order to cause a problem which wasn't there in the first place! I have had the idiots pull out on me though when I'm doing the speed limit, and unless they immediately realise their mistake and wave et cetera, they'll get a blast of my horn and yes, a close encounter with my front bumper whilst I slam the brakes on. I back off immediately though as you can't hold grudges when driving, such as tailgating someone for miles because of one mistake. But, to clarify - I do not pull out when cars are too close/too fast. It is a major irritant to me and I wouldn't do it to somebody else. Just had to clear that up!