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  1. Ford S Max Damaged Bonnet

    I have a small split/crack that has recently appeared on my bonnet just above the Ford grill badge and above the bonnet catch mechanism. In 2009 I had the faulty bonnet catch mechanism replaced twice under warranty and I am convinced this damage to the bonnet is due to problems with the catch. I have been in correspondence with Ford CRC and they will not cover the cost and say that they have no record of any similar damage to the bonnet, however I have seen similar damage on an S Max in a Sainsburys car park at the beginning of this year Has anyone else had similar damage to their bonnet and if so what did they do about it?
  2. S-Max Bonnet Latch Problems

    Care!! I had my bonnet catch replaced twice in 2009 under warranty but I now see that the bonnet is cracked just above the Ford grill badge. Have spoken to dealer and entered into correspondece with Ford CRC but they will not pay for bonnet damage and have no record of similar incidents............but I have seen anoth S Max with same problem. Anyone else with similar problem