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  1. You could of bought mine lol for a fair price ;)
  2. Easy
  3. Dirty
  4. 2456
  5. I'm willing to donate, would you be setting up a paypal account as I beleive that with charity donations nothing gets taken off the donation as long as a charity number is given and proved. ;) ;) Be nice if this is the case to have this as a sticky post so it doesnt move down the line in the forums. BTW Good Luck with all your efforts and be careful. ;)
  6. Bit of a petrol head myself ;)
  7. Money
  8. A few years ago a friend of mine came up with the idea of defrosting his screen wash res, he went to TJ Hughes and bought a 12v cup warmer the one that you heat water up in a cup for a cup of tea, you know the one, anyways he bored through the res and fitted the unit and he still has it today and its still working. GENIUS and all for £6.99. :D
  9. I love the new Fiesta could be on the cards. ;)
  10. Image is bang on well done LMAO :D
  11. Welcome ;)
  12. Court
  13. LMAO that is something my wife would say :D
  14. Welcome hope you enjoy your stay
  15. Yeah man !Removed! fast to, Ive actually got it up for sale atm, reluctant sale to say the least :(