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  1. Happy Birthday mick'sescort!

  2. Radio Volume

    Hi all Not used forum for while, so apologies here. Moving on.....been driving wife's car, which is fiesta 07. Everything's ok except for one annoying factor, that being whenever the car is started and radio has been left turned on, it automatically plays loud regardless of what it was left at (If anybody understands that). In other words I cant find a way of controlling how high the initial sound level is when the car is started, which is a bit embarressing when you're in quiet street. Other than turn radio off before taking keys out does anyone know of any ways to control initial/default volume on start up........ Thanx Mick
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  4. New Member Intro

    Hi all joined forum a week ago but forgot to introduce myself...sorry....Just got myself a 97' escort in pretty good nick for year, so hoping it to last me a bit (my kids aren't allowed to eat sweets in it at the moment).got a few minor probs but I'm sure someone will have answer.....LOL Mick
  5. Key Codes

    Hi Terry I had same prob a while back but was just given code over the phone.try phoning again , you may get someone more helpful. good luck Mick
  6. Should I Risk The Police

    Hi gaz brother in law got stopped a few years ago when he had voyager which had tinted windows at front and side. Copper told him if he sees him again he'll book him. Not sure about the rules, all I know is brother in law got rid of car soon after. if its any consolation though, they can't stop you night after night 'cause thats harassment. Best thing to do is ask the police, but make sure you get the name of whoever advises you. Good luck Mick
  7. Manual

    Ha Ha.....but I'm after one of those free pdf files off t'internet cheers M :) :) :)
  8. Manual

    High All I've just bought an escort 1.4(1997) and I'm after repair manual. Would be really appreciated if anyone can help. Thanks Mick