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  1. Anyone know what size bolts are used to attach the rear number plate on a '09 focus. I have brought some cheap nylon ones off fleabay but they are slighly too big. Think I need some M5 bolts, my existing ones have started corroding.
  2. Screenwash Is This Normal

    Thanks for the quick replies just tried clearing with a needle and firing a load through and noticed puddles on either side of the car guessing something has come loose so will be taking this back to the dealer to see how good their warranty is.
  3. This might be a silly question but i have just brought an 09 focus and when I use the screenwash it spits a little bit out and I then have to push the button again to get anymore. Sometimes the screenwash doesn't even reach the screen. Every other car I have driven keeps on firing screenwash at the the screen as long as I hold the button down. Is my focus trying to save water or is it just faulty?