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  1. Focus Bulb Lists

    Should these just be a straight swap for the factory units alread installed?
  2. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Apprentice Shipwright at Babcock Marine at Rosyth Dockyard...hopefully about to qualify :)
  3. Mist Washer Jets

    Could somebody post a link to the hose they used to connect the non return valves to the jet, i bought 4mm dia stuff off ebay but it seems to loose a connection, so i figured someone on here could give us a nudge in the right direction, Ta very much,
  4. Shell V Power Test

    What about the likes of Tesco performance fuel for example - my trip computer gives me a much better range whenever i fill up with that - which isnt very often, usually just if i'm in Inverness because Shell is ridiculously expensive up there - i usually use Shell Regular.... How does the trip computer calculate the distance to empty just out of curiosity?
  5. Re: Lenny "is Your Focus Rusting?"

    Ohhh a call from the Falkirk Peoples garage, they are HAPPY to carry out the repairs, just need to book it in now! Jakcpot!!
  6. Hello folks, Just wondering if anybody knows if fitting an aftermarket air filter would void the my extended warranty because its not a Ford part? I fancy getting one of the Green Cotton air filters...seem to be getting great reviews on here....
  7. Osram 'cool Blue Intense' Bulbs

    Hi, i finally got a chance to get at it again, my dad has a Torx tool kit in his car and i kept asking him for a shot but only got it this weekend, i took the bulb out and put it back in - the funny thing is - the clip on the passenger side works the opposite of the drivers side [i think somethings not quite right here] instead of pushing the clip on the holder inwards to secure it, that pops its out. On the drivers side, and in the Haynes manual, the clip is supposed to be pulled away from the holder to release it....anyway, when i got the bulb back in it looks a wee bit better than the picture i posted, but still projects a slight 'v' on the ground, im beginning to think its the bulb, the only thing is, when i fitted it again yesterday, i didnt do as someone previously said and put the bulb in its slot first, then put the holder on at the back of it...oops... It is lookking slighlty better so im quite happy, but if i happen to get a shot of the Torx kit again, i'll do as suggested... Sorry to waffle on...
  8. Corrosion Warranty

    Hi, Im currently trying to get Ford to have a look at my car, the body shop at the garage in Dunfermline [where i stay] is closed now so im currently tying to get 'Peoples' Ford in Falkirk to have a look although i havent had the time to get back to them's the link to my 'story'....
  9. Custom Car Badges - Design Your Own

    Ahaaa...iv been looking for something like this as i sent 2 emails to that DMB website about getting custom badges for my car to match the colour...
  10. Re: Lenny "is Your Focus Rusting?"

    i got in touch with the Peoples Ford garage in Falkirk and they said they will have a look at it, although iv got quite a busy peiod coming up and probably wont be able to get them to look at it for a couple of weeks still hope i'll get it sorted though..
  11. Re: Lenny "is Your Focus Rusting?"

    Ok so its only been like 4 months - and i have finally had the time to just go up to the garage and confront them - their reply - "the bodyshop wasnt proving viable so it's now closed" - brilliant So, their suggestion is that i contact another local Ford Dealer with a body shop and start again, we go again...
  12. Osram 'cool Blue Intense' Bulbs

    No worries mate, did you get my link in the other topic to the air filter...? I will let you all know how i get on, lets just hope its another dry/sunny day tomorrow eh?! (and that it lasts until 1730!!)
  13. Osram 'cool Blue Intense' Bulbs

    Ahhh...thanks for that, i did think that i was clutching at straws with the alignment bolts, hopefully its dry when i get home from work tomorrow so i can investigate!
  14. Sorry, to atone for my error, iv attached the correct link - I was in autopilot mode when you asked for the link...
  15. Osram 'cool Blue Intense' Bulbs

    Funnily enough they didnt seem to be as bad when i was driving to work this morning - i'll try and use the alignment bolts after work tonight and see how we go from there