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  1. Abs Light Reset?

    great! more money i dont have! :(
  2. Abs Light Reset?

    hi guys, had a problem with the abs, which has now been sorted, but the light is still on.. whats the reset procedure?
  3. Heating Controls Not Working

    have checked the fuse, and thats ok, so im guessing its the resistors pack now! :(
  4. mine doesnt work at all! :(
  5. Heating Controls Not Working

    i have a v reg 1.8TD and the heating controls dont work, the blowers dont work and the heating control doesnt seem to change between hot and cold, although that may be due to the blowers not working, also the air con doesnt work.. im guessing its all connected??? easy fix? Any help is appreciated! Daniel
  6. Nooobie!

    yea, im not a lover of plastic wheel trims either, it came with 2, but they were odd ones, so i took them off, hopefully if i get the car fixed rather than written off i will give the wheels a rub down and give them a fresh lick of paint!
  7. Nooobie!

    hi guys, im daniel 22 from swindon, managed to pick up a v reg estate on friday evening, love it to bits! its a 1.8td never had a diesel car before, but driving it isnt as bad as what i expected, and it has a lot more poke than what i was expecting. here she is: However, last night as i was coming round a dual carrigeway roundabout, a guy in the outside lane decided he was going to go all the way round the roundabout, taking me with him... so no i have a huge dent and some scrapes on the passenger side, both doors and the sill, :( Hopefully the insurance will pay out quick and i will be able to get it fixed...