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  1. Diesel Slow To Start

    I think he's trying to say to get the car checked for error codes. As it happens I have just been having the same trouble with my TDCi , I took mine to Ford , it turned out to be the crank sensor. Apparently crank/cam sensors are prone on these engines , it could be a problem on all engines which have these sensors. Also I found the car was still reluctant to start in this cold weather even though I had put a new battery in it. Not wanting to take it back to Ford (It is quite expensive BTW) I decided that the glow plugs would be the next port of call. So I changed them and it starts a lot better , although it takes two attempts on the key.
  2. A Wheel Pain In The ...

    Glad you made a decision mate. TBH alloy wheels seem to be commonplace on Foci except the base models. So the risk is a lot less IMO unless you had a set of OZ........ :D Mark
  3. Why Won't My Focus Start

    Possibly the alternator , charge the battery take the car to the place where you bought the battery. They should be able to test the alternator or take it somewhere that sells alternators. The other option is if you know someone who has a voltmeter or multimeter. Put the voltmeter or set multimeter to volts , put the wires to the battery , start the engine. Look at the reading on the meter it should be approx 13.5 volts (definitely more than 12volts) Rev the engine , the volts should rise and fall with the revs. Good luck Mark
  4. A Wheel Pain In The ...

    Sounds like you are really concerned about the security of your wheels. So the best solution for your peace of mind is to use locking wheel nuts and smear grease on ALL the nuts and on the back of the wheel where it touches the hub to ensure easier removal of the wheel and nuts.
  5. Value

    If you looked at the Pistonheads link in my reply there is a classic car dealer selling escorts , if you give him a bell he may give you a better idea as to the value of your car.
  6. Value

    This mat be of some use http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/list.asp?g=1&s=45&filter=&o=&pc=&min=&max=&txt=&px=&p=1&pagesize=15&xsl=list&y1=&y2=&d=0&dist=&nodays=0 There are a few pages
  7. A new battery , hoping that it will help with starting this weather :(
  8. A Wheel Pain In The ...

    You know it is a risk , only you can tell how much by where you leave your car etc. If there is a cover over the wheel nuts who is to know there is no locking wheel nuts?
  9. Starting Problem "fixed"

    Hi folks Some of you may remember about me posting about some problems I have had starting my 1.8 TDCi Well after trying to get the car fixed at a local garage and them not finding anything wrong with the car I decided to just drive it until it would not start. The car called it a day last week so I got it booked in to my local Ford dealer this week. After inspection by the techs they thought it was the crank sensor , so it was replaced which threw up another fault for the butterfly on the inlet manifold which they then cleaned. When I went to collect the car they told me what they had done and informed me that if there was more problems then the butterfly would need to be replaced which incorporates the inlet manifold. The question is.... will the butterfly be OK now it has been cleaned or will it go again? I assume there is a servo and receiver on it to work the throttle? The car has less than 65,000 miles on the clock , is it reasonable for this to fail at such a mileage?
  10. New Car

    Hi I have just consulted my Haynes manual and it recommends changing the cam belt at 75000 miles. It says also that Ford's recommendation is quite a bit more (I do not know what it is but you should find it in the owners manual) But says it is up to the owner's discretion. As for the turbo , just wait till it goes the car will still drive , just not as fast. And anything else? as the old saying goes "If it aint broke......" Hope this helps Mark
  11. Attention Everybody

    Cheers I only got the car in July and the battery seemed to be turning the engine over OK , but it is surprising the difference a fully charged battery makes!!! Maybe the mechanic should have spotted the problem too , thankfully I did not have to spend too much money to find out.
  12. Attention Everybody

    This is for everybody regardless of engine type. If you are having problems with your car starting especially diesel. Look at the battery FIRST!! it should if fully charged spin the engine over really fast. I just had my seven year old Focus in the garage , they wanted to take the fuel system apart to check the glow plugs. Well as they had had the car for a day I was reluctant to do that , anyway the car would not start when I went to get it , even though they claimed the car was OK while there. Anyway when I got the car home I put the battery on charge overnight , it now starts like a good 'un!!! I just thought I would pass the info on to anybody who is having issues with their cars. Cheers Mark
  13. 1.8 Tdci Starting Problem

    Steve Thanks for the quick reply I will look at the EGR valve first Cheers Mark
  14. 1.8 Tdci Starting Problem

    Hi guys I need some help with my 1.8 TDCi The car starts pretty well most of the time and goes well too. The problem is that when I start it to move it a short distance and then stop it , the next time I want to start it it will not start without a lot of messing about , it takes about ten attempts to get it going. Otherwise it is fine , any ideas?
  15. Advise Please

    Hi My 03 TDCi wobbles slightly at 65-70 mph but goes away above ahem 80 mph. I have yet to own a car which does not have a wobble at some kind of speed TBH The main culprit is wheel balance.