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  1. Hello **waves!**

    Hello everyone! (I hope I am okay here.. as I don't see a section about our Ford ....!) We are a large family (of 7.. 8 if you include the woofy!) We found ALL 7-8 seater cars far too small for our needs, having young children we needed something bigger.. My husband has 4 other children so we decided to get a Ford Transit Minibus.. A little large you may think, but It's just about right :) We've only really just bought it and hope to take friends and their kids on day trips etc. I have already posted a help topic about towing weight limits...! Anyway, thought I'd say ''Hi'' :) Hope we're all fine and dandy and it's lovely to be here :D
  2. Hi there We are new to the forum, so appologies if I have posted in the wrong place, I couldn't find a Transit section... We have a Ford Transit Minibus (It's a 15 seater..) and on an 'S' Reg. We haven't got a manual with it but need to find out the towing limit of the vehicle.. Does anyone have an idea what this could be? I **THINK** we have the Non-turbo version.. Having driven a turbo car in the past.. the hills knock ours out, literally! lol.. ANY help would be most appreciated :) (We intend on getting a 5 berth tourer caravan...) :)