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  1. Footwell Lights.

    I would of thought the should go totally out .
  2. Who's Had A Remap?

    Are the bluefin ones, the one you do yourself, if so is this ok or is it best to get a garage to do it?
  3. Who's Had A Remap?

    Sounds good Lenny, yea where I am gonna get it done it will be a blue fin
  4. Who's Had A Remap?

    Cool, how much did it cost Lenny, if you don't mind me asking.
  5. Who's Had A Remap?

    Also I was going to buy one of the tuning boxes you can get off fleebay , but I think I have decided against that .
  6. Who's Had A Remap?

    Hello all, I am really considering a remap now on my diesel 1.8 , just would like to iron out the flat spot and make the car a bit more quicker if poss. So has anyone got any horror stories about it or is it fine to do, because you here stories of engines giving up early and certain parts. It's gonna take some work to perswade the misses and if it goes wrong I am dead :( Cheers guys
  7. Focus Snow Plough

    I want a start button, how did you fit it :)
  8. Ford Service Disaster

    If I know ford they will try everything to wriggle out of it, but good luck let us know how you get on .
  9. It Dies At The Slip Road Lights

    Happened to me last year same thing, was the fuel filter, someone on here told me to change the fuel filter and I didn't have time so I put it in ford and it cost me about £170 if I remember, but could of been alot cheaper if I would of changed it myself :(
  10. Are These Any Good

    Hmm yea am not really sure what to do, reading around on tinternet and tuning boxes might not be a good option. Thanks for your reply
  11. Are These Any Good

    I know maybe some of you are bored of this question but are the cheap ish tuning boxes on eBay any good , do they naff up your car after a while, I know that getting a proper remap is the best thing but don't want to spend to much on one not looking for anything amazing just a little better mpg and make the flat spot almost if not go away. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=170969131661&globalID=EBAY-GB Appreciate any opinions guys.
  12. The Focus Zetec S Thread...

    Yea that's right guys Longlife exhausts, they were great :)
  13. Quad Exhaust Unusuall Problem

    Yea on my twin exhaust, the RHS pipe is always dirtier than the LHS, it's normal.
  14. Sorry to steal this thread but what's the best pressure to inflate these 18" sports pack tyres to, I always do 30 psi is that any good.:)