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  1. despite no replies i bought a replacement heater control vave and, after looking at a few vids on youtube, i set about getting the old one off. wipers off first, then some plastic covers across the bottom of the screen and loosen another cover inside the bulkhead and its possible to see and get to the HCV. release a wire and then the four hoses and its off. the hoses were a pig to release as they bond to the heater control. reassemble with the new HCV, i silicone greased the four pipe stubs before fitting the pipes, put the hose clips back in using some pipe grips and run the car over with the water bottle cap off for a few minutes, top water up with anti freeze, cap on and within a few minutes, nice and warm from the heater! about 1 1/2 hours would be half that another time! had quotes from £14.00 up to £32.00 for the HCV. called in at Derby Auto Electrical in derby as they now have a parts outlet, mentioned a do jobs for the owner and pcked one up for £10,00 all inclusive! brilliant
  2. Hi everyone, i bought a ford Ka for the daughter and the heater doesn't get warm. I've been told to replace the heater control valve. It looks straightforward but wanted to ask if I can just remove the four hoses off the HCV or do I need to clamp them? thanks for any help offered. steve
  3. i need a new key for my daughters fieat zetek. its has central locking but you need to put the key in the lock to operate it, its not remote. ford dealer want £118.00 to cut a new one and code it. seems a lot, is ther anyone else who can do it? steve