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  1. There is a knocking sound on my 1.8 focus, sounds like its coming from the front left wheel. someone told me it could be a bush needs replacing, does anyone know how much this would could to have done ?? Cheers
  2. Hey mine does the same but to the right ! No idea why !
  3. Thanks for that, but i was daft and paid a fiver to get the code from a website before i saw your reply, i got too impatient having got the serial number that morning.....not had music for a month Its the right number anyway, how did you know ?
  4. Hi all Can anyone get me a key code for my radio? the serial number is M294924. Any help appreciated Thanks :)
  5. I just rang the ford garage where i bought it from and they want £25 for a code ! the robbing sods! isnt there any other way of getting one? Michelle
  6. Hi all I recently changed my battery and there is no key code written in my documents ! I need a key code for a 1999 RDS model does anyone know how i get one ? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, need your help For the last few days when starting the ignition my Focus 1.8 petrol has been making a short clicking noise and the warning sound for when the headlights are left on when leaving the car has been sounding for a second or two. The car then starts and everything is fine......until this morning ! I turned the key to position 2 and the dash lights all lit up etc as usual, then when i tried to start the ignition in position 3 nothing happened apart from a constant ticking/clicking noise. Had to get a lift to work this morning, need some advice for when i return home tonight. Please help ! Thanks Michelle
  8. Hi Mine has been making the same constant ticking sound whislt trying to start the engine and it just wont start, did you find out what the problem was with yours ? Thanks Michelle