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  1. Happy Birthday Jennie!

  2. Introductions

    Hey - welcome to FOC :)
  3. Shows??

    I'm going to ISTS at Donington Park with my club We'll be at as many shows as we can this year!!
  4. New Girlie :)

    What sites do you promo for? I'm admin on a local site to me - we have a nice few promo girls, always wanting to exchange ideas with others :)
  5. Heya

    No problem :)
  6. Hello People

    Welcome to the site guys :)
  7. Hello

    Hi and welcome!!
  8. im new

    Welcome to FOC matey :)
  9. Moderators please read

    I thought that too! Ow well - at least it reminded me that im a member on here!!
  10. Im New :D

    Same as me Tom - signed up but never really posted... Welcome anyway mate :)
  11. Introductions .....

    Hi guys, I'm Jennie. I'm 25 from Doncaster, South Yorkshire I've had my Silver Focus 1.8 16v Zetec since July '08 - it's highly modified... a lot too low! lol! But i love it! May be selling soon though...
  12. Making you aware

    I opened it but im on a works computer - think it's just a link to a !Removed! site!
  13. Moderators please read

    I too got this email It's a link to a site called ADULT FRIEND FINDER THink this needs looking at mods!
  14. Hello All. . .

    Nice pic - welcome to FOC :D
  15. Photo0206.jpg