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  1. Ford Fiesta Mk6 Gearbox Problems

    Oh yes, then it works like a charm.
  2. Hi, I am a proud owner of this vehicle which is 1.5 years old (1.4 engine). In the last 14 days i have a serious problem with my gearbox - every morning when i get into my vehicle and when i want to change the gear from the 1st to neutral, it takes a lot of strength to do that. It looks like it's stuck, no matter how i press the clutch. Also, when i want to switch to a reverse, there is a slight noise which can be described as "KRRRRRRRRK" (only way to explain it). Beside this, before the temperature of my car hits normal, it is very hard to get into 1st gear from neutral. So i have a couple of questions - since this is a pretty new car (28 500 km so far), what can be a problem? I have already called my seller to schedule a service but i would like to prepare myself for them. Also if it's a clutch or a gearbox, does the warranty cover it? Thanks for the help :)