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  1. Fiesta Lights!

    Yeah, im getting full beam and foglights no bother at all, its just the normal headlights im looking for, regular headlights, i can get sidelights easily enough (first click to the right, fog-lights are pulling the stalk out and full beam are full turn, where the hells normal lights! annoying the !Removed! off me tbh :(!
  2. Fiesta Lights!

    Hey guys, newbie question here, my mum just bought a 55 plate 1.2 ford fiesta zetec, no manual included :( was wondering, what the different toggles for the lights are? i can work out side lights and off obviously :P but can't work out which is your normal driving headlights? think shes been going to tesco at night with full beam on blinding everybody in sight! any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!