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  1. Hi, I have a 2010 S-Max 2.0 Titanium. It came with keyless start - push down the clutch & press the power button. Recently we've had to push the clutch much harder to get it to start, but the garage say this is normal. What do others see? Basically if I push the clutch to the stop, and press power, it doesn't start. If I push it a bit beyond the stop, then it starts fine. It wasn't like this when we first got it, so I'd like opinions on whether it's normal or not? Thanks!
  2. I have just received my new s-max titanium, and have a few issues with playing music from the USB port. I have my entire mp3 collection on a USB powered 2.5" hard drive, and it plays fine. It seems very limited in that you cannot browse via tags, but only via folder/filename, but I also have 2 problems. One problem is that if I am listening to USB with the engine off, then turn the engine on, the radio displays 'update failed' and will not play anything from USB again until I switch to another input source, turn the engine off & on again, then switch back to USB. My second issue is that on a number of tracks I get pauses/skips of less than a second every so often. The same tracks play fine on a number of other computers (mac, PC, linux) and portable audio players (ipods etc) so the files & hard disk are fine. It is only on the ford it happens. It reminds me of when you used to use cd's and you went over a bumpy road so the buffer couldn't keep up. Do you know how I might fix either of my problems?
  3. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a bash later on.
  4. I've just got a new S-Max with USB connection. Although the system can read the id3 tags, it appears to only let you browse by folder/filename. So, I arranged all my albums into the correct folders, and named all the tracks 'track#'-'trackname'.mp3. However it plays the tracks back in the 'wrong' number order - by which I mean it plays track 1, then tracks 10-19, then track 2 followed by tracks 20-29 etc. Is there any way to get it to play them back in the correct order, other than going through 9000 tracks & changing all the single digit track numbers to 01,02,03 etc? Thanks!