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  1. I got a set of Eibach springs from Motorsportworld for £134.05 for the Mk7 Fiesta price seems competitive and the service was great website is if your interested
  2. They fitted my full Milltek system to my Focus job was done spot on to be honest but that's all, it was exhaust fitted, paid for and I left left not particularly customer orinetated as some tunning companies go if you ask me which is key to return business, If I had to do it again I'd just purchase the exhaust and get someone local to do it I know or maybe someone recommended.
  3. Hi folks well I finally decided to pop up a couple of pictures of our new Fiesta Zetec S TDCI they are a bit similar and also a bit rubbish as I did both on my camera, even though it's not fully my car I've done a few mod's which I think just finish it of nicely including... Street Pack Alloy's (sorry I just love these over the 16"s) White/Black Gel Overlays Front/Back/Steering Wheel Black/White Gel Overlays Wheels (55mm) AceParts Red Quad LED's replaced in Footwells, Courtesy Light, AceParts White Quad LED's replaced in Boot and Number Plate PhillIps SilverVision Bulbs Front & Rear Indicators (PY21W) Silver Coated Mirror Indicator Bulb's Phillips BlueVision Side Lights Phillips BlueVision Dipped Beam (H7) Phillips X-treme Power Main Beam (H1) Eibach Lowering Springs (On Order) Not bad for a couple of weeks work again this forum and everyones knowledge has been very helpful I'll just have to see what other mod's I can persuade my father our car needs :) When we picked the car up As the car looks today just waiting on the Eibach's :)
  4. Not sure if it's the same issue but when I did this on my Focus I bent the small metal clip that's at the centre of the light surround so that when I tried to clip it back it it was fairly lose, unfortunatly after It was bent it never semmed to go back just right but after some fiddling it seemed to lock into place. Might be worth just popping it out and having a quick check, hope this helps.
  5. Hi I've been browsing the forums for a while picking up lot's of useful information however I just needed to ask a bit more about lowering spring's, we've recently picked up a 1.6 TDCI and I just have one further question. I've noticed there are two variants of the Eibach spring for both Diesel and Petrol but when looking at H&R springs there is only the one product in each drop e.g. 35mm, do they cater for both Diesel and Petrol unlike the Eibach's? If you can fathom what the heck I'm talking about any help is appreciated :) Cheers, Matt
  6. Picked up our Fiesta 1.6 TDCI last Saturday seems to be hovering around 50-51mpg I'm certainly happy with that :)
  7. I believe the salesmen who has just sold us our new Zetec S TDCI at our local Ford dealership used to own it, Liam i think
  8. I've seen this car in my area, although I'm not a fan of the stripes myself it definitely stands out and is quite eye catching when it drives past, As for gloss black wheels I'm not a huge fan maybe Anthracite would be a bit more subtle?
  9. Thanks guys, my mother also has a Mk7 Fiesta Titanium 1.6 Petrol which I love taking out for a spin...I'm guessing you can see the trend in cars to
  10. Hi, my name is Matt I'm from Grimsby I just wanted to say hello and also a big thanks as this site has been a tremendous help, long story short I drive a Focus ST and my mother recently decided to buy my father a new car at which point I said I'd chip in half as long as i could use it for work to help keep my mileage and fuel costs's a bit thirsty After what was the shortest trip to a dealer they bought a frozen white Fiesta Zetec S TDCI and I've since been trawling the forums for idea's even though it's not my car so far I've already bought some Street Pack Alloy's, Gel Overlay's and a wide verity of bulb replacements I'll hopefully get some pictures of it up when it arrives :D but for now here's a quick picture of my ST from RSOC Pickering last month.