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  1. Happy Birthday ikthius!

  2. yeah battery is fine, spark plugs not sure where they are or what they do, as I said I am not mechanically minded.
  3. Hey everyone, not really used these forums much and I am not mechanically minded.. I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on what my local mechanic can't find. Last year I got a Ford Recall - regarding something to do with the engine temperature sensor to be bypassed in countries with high salt content. I took this to a ford dealer near my work (not local) and they apparently done what had to be done in the recall. Less than 1 month after that my car just would not start one day, I tried it and tried it - it turned over ok but would not kick the engine into life. I was told that this was an ECU problem so I was recommended to get a refurbished unit. It got fitted and was fine for a month or two. Same thing, this time it was at my local garage and they had to get an auto electrician in, it started fine for him - no charge they don't know why it done it. This time the car is doing the exact same thing and with the mechanic for over 2 weeks. The mechanic is stumped - said it probably is a fuel pump issue and it wall cost £1000. do you guys know of any problems similar and what was your resolution???