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  1. Just remember its 100,000 or 10 years whichever comes first,will be in the region of £400 best to also have water pump done at the same time
  2. Thanks a lot for your help found it
  3. Thanks Mark,will have a look tomorrow and if I can't find one,will visit my local for dealership.
  4. Hello all how do you go about adding a bottle of redex etc to you tank on the new Galaxies,Focuses etc as the tank nozzles are different from the old ones that had just a flap that you pressed down on and the bottled emptied into the tank?any ideas please
  5. glad all sorted then,hooray
  6. did they come with adaptors then?probably wrong set then?try somewhere live halfords and see how they compare with what you have.
  7. have you changed your pollen filter recently?
  8. battery charge voltage should be about 14.5
  9. have you got it sorted then and what was the outcome
  10. have you still got the 'Stop Lamp Bulb fault' warning on though,if you have,you may have changed the wrong bulbs
  11. something is not right,do you still have the 'Stop Lamp Bulb fault' on your instrument cluster.if so you changed the wrong bulbs or bought the wrong bulbs.
  12. could it be power steering fluid?
  13. hi get a second opinion by going to another garage and if the results are similar,cost your losses,sell as seen or scrap it and she can get something else.You never know what's round the corner,had a similar problem with a Renault Scenic I bought for my wife about 10 years ago,first was head gasket,six months later auto box,ended up scraping it.
  14. sorry not my cup of tea either,everyone to their own i suppose,if you like it so be it eh?
  15. the only time I get constant hot with the heating controls off is when I take it off recirculate and turn up the temperature control without actually putting the heating/fan switch on.If this doesn't work for you then you might have a thermostat or some other problem :-(