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  1. Cd 6000 Stuck Cd

    Problem with this unit the CD slot is very tight and also covered by somthing that prevents you seeing inside, I have tried a few things but all no good. Maybe I need to remove the unit, anyone help with how to do this ??
  2. Cd 6000 Stuck Cd

    Thanks, Could you give me details how you took the unit out and where to start ??
  3. Cd 6000 Stuck Cd

    Can anybody help, I have a Ford Focus 09 and recently had the head unit changed by Ford under warrenty. However at first use of a copied CD it has got stuck. My local Ford garage will not accept that it was anything to do with them and want to charge a stupid amount to send the unit back. I know your not suppossed to use copied cd's but they worked fine in the previous unit. Any help on how to remove the stuck CD would be greatly appreciated