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  1. I had a test drive of the car I have on order so I asked about snow chains the dealer said Konig k34 k summit would work on 235 45 r18 tyres .As for comfort a friend who works for Ford uk has a galaxy with the same wheels says they are just fine but are a bit louder than the 16 or 17 inch
  2. I will be ordering a titanium S Max this month with 18inch wheels and as we ski a couple of times a year I was concerned about the use of snow chains. I understand regular snow chains cannot be used but has anyone used Konig k summit snow chains ?Are they any good ? I think I would need the k34 size . While I'm at it I have never had a car with such skinny wheels and wanted to know how the ride is ? I like the look but if they are bone shaking I would rather select a more comfy wheel . I really wanted to order the x sport but you cannot get full leather so we have had to spec up a titanium to look like a x sport ! Thanks in advance for any help and advice :)
  3. Hello to all ...a bit about me I learned to drive in an Escort mkII 1100cc in the seventies gold with a black vinyl roof and Capri wheels. Then had several cortinas 2000cc company cars. I do at the moment have a courrier white van as a general runaround but have not had a Ford car since the 1980s, I am about to order an S Max titanium and so I'm looking forward to what Ford have been getting up to for the past 30 years :) My all time most wanted Ford was and is a pale blue RS2000 ! I could never afford the insurance back in the day .