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  1. Rear & side lights out on one side

    thanks for the info mintalkin - i'll have a look tonight and do a follow-up post tomorrow. cheers
  2. Hi, apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere in the site but I couldn't find this exact problem anywhere. My rear light & side light is out on the nearside on my 2001 (pre-facelift) Focus (1.8 TDDI). I have changed both bulbs (the side-light was definitely blown but the rear did look ok) and have checked all the 10-amp fuses in the fusebox. I have also swapped-round the common relay units in the fusebox to see if this helped, but nothing has worked. Both dipped, main and brakes lights seem to work ok - seems odd to me that the brake lights work but one of the rear lights doesn't because they are housed in the same bulb, but then again I am not clued-up with electrics. Any help much appreciated - thanks.