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  1. Hi there, Ford Focus 59 Plate, 85k, 1.8 TDCI (Lynx engine), 4 brake disks. Took my car in for a major service in Oct 15 when it was @ 78k and got a vew issues flagged up on the visual health check. Couple of tires are getting low on tread: 205/50 17WR Front brake pads 75% worn and disks wearing Rear trailing arm bushes split n/s & o/s. O/S brake is grinding almost all of the time now, even when not braking, so I think this must be totally worn. It is turning heads when I pull into car parks. Does anyone know the appx cost to get both front pads and disks replaced on this car? Ford want to charge me £556 to fix the rear trailing arm. This seems a lot. Does anyone know a rough idea on what an independent would charge? Have never had this fault before. I am doing around 100 miles per day in this car. Is is worth me part exing this now and getting something with less miles, before anything else starts going on it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I wonder if it would be cheaper to just go for a full service. My car will be due for one this coming summer. Maybe I should book it in early as I am certain the fuel filter will be changed on a full service.
  3. Rang my local Ford dealer this morning, he thinks it is fuel filter, not covered under platinum warranty. He is going to phone me with prices. What is a reasonable charge for a replacement fuel filter on a 1.8tdci?
  4. Can't believe I am reading this but my Ford Platinum warranty runs out in about 125 miles. Does anyone think this would be covered by warranty?
  5. Thank for your post. How can I check which injectors batch I have?
  6. My Focus has just gone past the 60k point and has developed a worrying problem which I believe is linked to the turbo. If I pull away quite quickly and work my way up to third gear and do 40-45mhp (when I know the turbo will be working), the car is jerking very noticeably. It feels as though the power from the turbo is being turned on and off very sporadically. If I was on the motorway and I was doing 70, and I put my foot down to overtake and build up to 75-80, the power keeps coming on and off it almost feels as though the car is being hit by a big gust of wind, as the power noticeably drops, then comes back, then goes again. I have noticed at lower speeds there is a whistle coming from the turbo area, I have checked pipes, can't see any air leaks. Is there anything I could check, or does anyone have any ideas what the cause is? A good friend of mine who works for Ford said my lynx engine is virtually bullet proof, so I am surprised at such a (relatively) low mileage, I am getting bother from it.
  7. Thanks, ok so it is not sounding like anything too serious. Other than this, car has been perfect, very pleased with it.
  8. What do you guys think?
  9. As promised, here are some pictures of the area of interest today, certainly not as slick and shiny as it used to be.....
  10. Hi there, Thanks for both of the posts. I most certainly do not rev the hell out of it when cold (Good question though), never used to when I had my petrol and no certainly don't with this - my first diesel. Until the temp hits middle (not sure what the actual temp is) I lay off the revs. It works really well as the time it takes me to get to the motorway for work, is just enough time for it to warm. I will get some more recent images and post back. If it is the intercooler hose as @IINexuxII has mentioned, would this be an expensive job? I am told these engines are supposed to be quite good and relatively bullet proof. Have not had a single engine related trouble since owning, and it is very economical - has saved me a great deal since the days of a petrol 1.6. Will take some pics of engine bay tomorrow and post up. Thanks again for your posts :)
  11. Hi, I have had my 2010 Focus for around two years now. Below is a picture of the engine when I bought it - nice and clean no dust or oil. I have noticed over time that there is an oily build up on and around the black pipe at the back of the engine. This runs out of what I assume is the shiny metal turbo and round and under the orange screenwash box. The shiny metal thing which I assume is the turbo is black down the left hand side now (where the pipe goes in) Is this normal? I have no oil patches in my parking space and there appears to be none on the plastic engine guards at the bottom of the engine? Does the clamp maybe need tightening? Can take a picture of it now to show the difference. Car had 23k when I took this, it is now 58k and serviced every year since purchase.
  12. Hi, I have the basic Ford head unit and I would like to upgrade it if possible. Does anyone know if I can put the more fancy Sony unit in? Ideally I would like one which understands USB drives but also works with the steering controls. Has anyone switched their stock one and if so what with?
  13. Not the most precise way to mount a non-lcd dash cam, but I simply lined it up to where I thought it would need to be, got a whiteboard pen and drew around the mount (being a teacher can have its perks), then held camera there whilst running short record session. Then replayed in my car on laptop and I could see if it needed moving left, right, up, down. I would just repeat process, wiping out whiteboard pen lines until I got it just right.
  14. Thanks for your post, I think your first option may be the best. You make it sound so easy. How would I go about fitting a relay and run the sensor feed from ignition live to the relay you suggest? Are there any guides on this? The last time I touched wiring, I buggered the speaker wiring loom for my T reg Focus, I vowed never to go near any car wiring again!
  15. For the price, I thought the one you linked to was a bargain, as long as it does readable index plates and audio, what more do you need?! I also shout the reg in time of panic along with other expletives :D