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  1. Squealing Fan Belt

    I have never had a tensioner, and adjustment - in my day was done by swivelling the alternator on slotted holes, you had to apply a load to the belt and measure the deflection. It has been a few years since I did one! I would suspect the belt anyway, degrease the belt and pulleys and run without any electircal items on such as screen heaters and lights and see if the squelling stops, if not get the battery tested or charge it up
  2. Squealing Fan Belt

    The fan belt may just need tightening, in winter alternators have to take a higher load with windscreen heaters on etc and the battery is less efficient in the cold anyway so takes a bigger load to charge it.
  3. Ford Waranty Period To 5 Years?

    I have just ordered a new B-Max and was under the impression it came with a 3 year warranty Trawling the web (as you do) I came across this:- 5 Year Warranty† B-MAX is now an even smarter choice than ever before with 5 Year manufacturer's warranty** as standard ensuring both you and your B-MAX are looked after. I am in Ireland so may be an Irish link but I thought we were in Europe! I linked the pdf to my web site
  4. Child Car Seats

    I have a Ford Fiesta Mk7 1.4tdci Our grandchildren are coming to stay and wondered if it is possible to fit 2 baby seats and still have room for another adult at the back. Also has anyone experience of the Isofix system of securing the seats? Many thanks Roger
  5. How Can Active My Gear Indicator Led 2009 Mk7

    My first posting The gear change arrow is working on my Fiesta 1.4TDCI registered end of March this year (2010). I must admit it does make me think about economy and I have adjusted my driving style. It may not be important to some but for us pensioners..... Roger