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  1. I to have that wire. At first I thought it was the AUX cable but under close inspection it's not so I'm stumped also. It is weird why there is wiring included that leads nowhere and does nothing. Just yesterday while I had the rear boot insulation out I noticed another wire that lead nowhere. I should have really took a picture but I forgot. It was an orange wire that lead up from underneath the boot. Strange
  2. A little heads up. An ideal bulb is an Ultra Blue 1. I got some from Halfords at £4 (a bit pricey) but it finishes the car. Although its Ultra Blue it has a slight green tinge to it so it goes with the rest of the green dash, looks the bees knees.
  3. Ok will do. I'll just start by saying my work has finished and the car does sound better but having seen this on amazon, I've gone for some proper stuff and I'm going to redo it again. Anyway here are the pics I got.. and here is a picture I took of the standard insulation my car already had...
  4. Just A very old thread but today I attempted to insulate the rear of my focus. In about 1 - 1.5hours I was done. Second time (second side) around was a lot quicker as I knew how to remove the panels. As with Newhouse I did find a little bit of dust and dirt but only what I'd say is normal. It didn't look excessive and I couldn't this whole however mine is the older mk2 model so maybe that's a factor. Anyways I couldn't find any flashing tape anywhere so I used another kind of similar tape and also added some extra insulation. I managed to completely remove all the grey panels beside and behind the seat which allowed a lot of access. Also to my amasement having removed the grey plastic in the boot space on the very back of the car, on the inside, I found a 3-inch square gap in the panel work. Rather strange I thought so in went my hand and I found some foam insulation that is installed as standard. It didn't look very good but I was just intregued about the gap. I'll finish by saying I have lots of pics if others want help but as of yet I haven't drove about to see if my work has worked. Finger crossed
  5. I realise you posted this like a month ago but have you got it sorted? Because I have had a whine from my PS since I can remember, but only on full lock so I assumed it is normal, no? However every so often I am having other problems with my steering. Mainly in cold weather and only when the engine is cold it is sometime hard to turn right and it feels like there is some resistance to turn the wheel. Very similar to this but without the noise and not when parked. They then said it was fixed by a new rack but as mine isn't all the time and I'm getting this whine, could it be a bad PS pump?
  6. Nice find. Just found the holders, and wires, on my Focus 1.8TDCi Sport. Suprising really considering the lack of extras on a Sport model yet I have footwell lights, minus the bulbs obviously. Now just to find a nice coloured bulb, amber is so boring. EDIT: I just was browsing through other forums and I read that some people who have a 6000CD stereo, an aux button but no aux input do actually have the wires for it. Like the footwells with no bulbs all that is missing is for the wire to be connected up in the glove box and the socket.
  7. Sounds like a lot of work LOL. So how long did this all take you? It's something I definatly want to do, and will do, when I have some time. I will try all the steps you wrote and tell you how I get on. Thanks for the help.
  8. Yeah I'm looking to sound proof above the rear wheel arches behind all that plastic. That's where 80% of the noise is coming from I believe. The actual boot itself is pretty well insulated. As for the airbag I mentioned. You know the bootlight when you open the tailgate? There are a few holes in that plastic looking up, almost behind the brake lights, and in there I swear I read something about an airbag. Not sure if it was actually an airbag though :S But in there I can see the bodywork of the car, which I where I assume the road noise is coming from, but also some wires.
  9. I've managed to get the bit from under the seal to pop out but nothing else budges. I've looked in the boot and there is some plastic held on with screws or something, just had a quick glance, and to me it looks like it's one peice. Or am I wrong? Anyway I'd really like to know what type of insulation to use, and where to get it from. Because from what I could see there is wires behind the seat belts and some kind of airbag, so would me bet putting in extra insulation be unsafe or a fire hazard?
  10. I've noticed that problem before and in the same location you described. That was way before I got my Focus but on another that my partners dad owns. Anyway you can't really notice it from the front but as soon as you are sitting in the rear it is so easy to locate where it is coming from. Now I haven't found the hole you are describing but upon my inspection I looked inside the boot and I can see underneath the plastic bit where the seat belts are. Then inside there I can clearly see the car bodywork so I'm thought that's where the noise is from but also I was thinking maybe it was from the rear wheel arches to. I to would like to fix this problem as speaking to passengers can be hard on motorway journeys. I've read a thread on here before and they mentioned noisekiller, but £40 seems a bit exsessive to me and I would like to just be able to pop out and buy it, inside of getting it online. So what insulation did you use? Oh and how did you remove the plastic by the seat belts?
  11. It's got to be some kind of tool because like someone above has said that is definitely a handle with a grip.
  12. I had the exact same problem...... ...but that was on my last car, a Pug 306. It was exactly the same, always a cold morning and after opening the door won't close. But for me it was only when it was very cold with frosts. Is that the case? Because unfortunately I don't have the answer as it only happened to me on a few occasions. Not all is lost though. Do you park on a drive or near to buildings? If you're, or anyone else is, struggling to find an answer just simply park the drivers side door closest to the building and you'll be amazed how different it is. It might solve the problem but it will help with frost anyway. Hope that helps.
  13. Yeah I've already checked and it was between the min and max mark. Wouldn't know what to do reguarding replacing it. :S
  14. +1. I drove a relatives BMW 1 series and it has the exact same thing, except red. I thought it looks really good, just a shame my car doesn't have it :(
  15. Firstly congrats with the new car and secondly why is that a problem? If anything I think the extra wipe after a few seconds is really helpful and just gets rid of any extra water. It's little things like that and the auto rear wiper when you reverse (wipers on) that make a good car. Anyway do you know if the washer fluid is filled with proper stuff? Because most screenwash mixtures help against smearing. Just try a higher concentration of screenwash vs water OR if that makes it worse then try more water.