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  1. Sony Autochanger Problems

    Turned with some discs and just one...
  2. My Focus Titanium <3

    Me too, got some great bargains on there!
  3. Jean Genie - Focus "stdci"

    I think even on the rs the spoiler is a little too OTT, only my personal opinion mind
  4. My Focus Titanium <3

    Sounds wise, could always try and nab a cheap set on eBay?
  5. Help Needed Please

    Sounds like a canbus fault?
  6. Mk 4.5 Mondeo Titanium X Sport Tyres

    Look at falken or kumho for middle of the road tyres
  7. What Price On New Car?

    Have you considered the titanium x sport?
  8. My Focus Titanium <3

    What style you going for?
  9. I'd say that it isn't worth it on a small petrol engine tbh
  10. Hyrule's Build Thread

    Coming along great, but not sure on the fuel cap
  11. Do like that spoiler!
  12. Jean Genie - Focus "stdci"

    Looks very smart, friend has the same two tone interior. Only thing letting it down IMO is the spoiler
  13. My Focus Titanium <3

    Needs bigger wheels
  14. Looks lovely