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  1. Turned with some discs and just one...
  2. Me too, got some great bargains on there!
  3. I think even on the rs the spoiler is a little too OTT, only my personal opinion mind
  4. Sounds wise, could always try and nab a cheap set on eBay?
  5. Sounds like a canbus fault?
  6. Look at falken or kumho for middle of the road tyres
  7. Have you considered the titanium x sport?
  8. What style you going for?
  9. I'd say that it isn't worth it on a small petrol engine tbh
  10. Coming along great, but not sure on the fuel cap
  11. Do like that spoiler!
  12. Looks very smart, friend has the same two tone interior. Only thing letting it down IMO is the spoiler
  13. Needs bigger wheels