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  1. Were Is Everone?

    Wigan WN2
  2. Headlights (Focus Mk1)

    Thanks guys! I was thinking eBay myself - might even try the scrap yard now mentioned (didn't think of that) Do you have an opinion on the idea? Will they look good on a black mk1. Was thinking the black painted style which i attached on the above.
  3. Name,age, Where Your From, Your Car?

    Hey, Name is Ben, lived in Wigan for the whole 19 years of my life. Currently driving a Focus MK1 1.8 TDCi (Black).
  4. Headlights (Focus Mk1)

    Hi, I have a MK1 Focus in Black; my headlights are beginning to frost slightly, may be due to a gap in the seal (letting moisture in etc) i ain't sure. But it has made me opt to get some new headlights anyway - was thinking about Angel Headlights. (attached) Does anybody know anywhere reasonably cheap at all? NOTE: My car is Black. may look better/worse Any thoughts?
  5. Hey Everyone

    Originally Bickershaw; now living in Hindley with my Partner. Yourself?
  6. Hey Everyone

    Good to see somebody from the Wigan area on the forums! I have just bought a 1.8 TD. Very quick for a diesel! First time focus buyer by the way!
  7. is looking for a set of Focus MK1 Angel Headlights

  8. Hi Everyone

    Hi All, My old car has not long ago broke; and my partner is nearly 38wks pregnant so was panicing over buying a new car! I think I have landed lucky in buying a nice MK1 Ford Focus 1.8 Diesel in black. I am sure i will have plenty questions =) Ben