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  1. Happy Birthday R222 USH!

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  3. Hi im new to this forum . Still learning how to work it, with help from my other half, lol. Im hopeing to find new friends who are especially into ST170`s but im into all Ford Rs-cosworth-St`s. Loved last FordFair has traveld there with my brother in is beloved Escort Cosworth.

  4. My ST170

    My loverly ST170 that i bought off a very good friend of mine " who is a mad fan of Ford Rs,Cosworth, St`s ". She owned & cherished her for 6 years before i bought her in April this year with just 38,000 miles. Totally standard apart from a K&N air filter to which she added just for a bit of a "Grunt" - lol. Yes - She now owns a 07 plate ST3 thats now in her place.
  5. tasha prom 2010 005.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  6. tasha prom 2010 002.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  7. tasha prom 2010 001.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  8. tasha prom & st170 038.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  9. tasha prom & st170 037.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  10. tasha prom & st170 036.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  11. tasha prom & st170 035.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  12. tasha prom & st170 034.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  13. tasha prom & st170 033.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  14. tasha prom & st170 032.jpg

    From the album My ST170

  15. tasha prom & st170 031.jpg

    From the album My ST170