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  1. Yes by far but not acceleration by a shadow of a doubt. turbo lag was a major pain. Top speed was also the same tbh
  2. Well it was a 1.9TD. 1.Build-Golf 2.Speed-Fiesta 3.Looks-Fiesta 4.Price-Fiesta 5.Equipment-Fiesta 6.Comfort in car-Fiesta 7.Suspension-Golf 8.Refinement-Golf 9.Maintenance-Fiesta 10. FUN FIESTA
  3. Yeh the Fiesta is just as good as my cousins new 520d - Air Con Wise that is. Hummm leak in rear footwell is very unusual and must smell. Ewwwww
  4. How do you mean Second Gear popping out? While its already in gear? As for the knocking noise im adding that to my list but its more of a squeak. Im told they all have it..
  5. Well its the climate control version so im not sure but its better than my old MK5 Golf and some other cars ive driven. And the old mk6 fiesta
  6. 1. Creaking & Cracking from doors, int light, boot E.CT 2. Door trim falling off passenger side 3. Drivers side window slow half way sometimes stops and goes back down (Ahhh) 4. Window wipers are streakyish even when replaced 5. Plastics feel cheap and tend to break if not handled carefully Things break and they get fixed under warranty. Otherwise its fine. I have a bigger list of things that i like. 1. A2DP - Audio over Bluetooth 2. Sony head-unit 3. Air Con is amazing 4. Steering is very responsive 5. Auto Headlights and wipers are great 5. Key-less Start and Key-less entry and power-fold mirrors are smart as ****
  7. Try the door card pocket because ive lost a few hundred pennies down the gap and it friggin vibrates when i have the music on. Yeh the joggers are a nightmare my galaxy s 2 fell out the other day and scratched it to hell.
  8. Maybe the alternator orr the Mrs :D
  9. Ehh wondered what that !Removed! sound was. Thought it was the injectors :P
  10. That looks really good. Better pop down to my local staples tomorrow and get myself some really cool stickers :P
  11. Yeh i heard the exhaust and cringed. Send it back in and tell them or show them again what you think is wrong. They will know if they run a diog.. Or send it too a diff Ford, i noticed my local one is rubbish so send it further down town.
  12. Ive just had a dbaudio t-rex fitted and its awesome. I originally wanted an underseat sub but got told there not much cop. Yes for a full install inc front quality components your gonna get quoted over £600 if you opt for top range stuff exc fitting. I got DB Audio T-Rex 12' in box, lansar 200;2 and nakamichi front speakers for £600. Quite good price new and sounds unreal mate. If you wanna be subtle get the underseat deffo Nathan
  13. My penny's worth
  14. The one touch up is rubbish doesnt even work half the time.. Yes my windows are so slow a puddle emerges in the footwell before they close.. Cheers Nathan P.S - First post on the forum from UKFN