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  1. A/c Problem

    Hi Open the bonnet with engine running. Get somebody to help to turn the a/c on. Do you hear any difference in the engine ?
  2. Please Help! Warm Starting Issue

    Hi How did you check it ? Also, did you check it when the problem occured ?
  3. Please Help! Warm Starting Issue

    Hi Could be the ignition switch. If it is easy to change and not more than £20 to buy, I would try that.
  4. Hi A request please for the wiring diagram for a Mondeo estate 2004 auto TCDI zetec. Cheers in advance.
  5. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    Hi What colour are the wires going to the solenoid ?
  6. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    Hi Seems like a central locking issue. Try a different central locking key fob. Try disconnecting the car battery for a few minutes to reset the alarm/central locking system.
  7. Mondeo Boot Wont Open

    Hi Get into the trunk via the rear seat. Remove the panel on the tailgate. Pull the cable that the 'electrics' would have pulled to release the lock. Put up a photo of the electrics and the lock.
  8. Key Fob

    Hi If it is safe to do so, disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery. Wait 2 minutes then reconnect.
  9. Key Fob

    Hi Have you tried a new battery in the keyfob?
  10. Wiring Diagram

    Hi You are a Star.
  11. Hi I need a giagram of the circuit of the power supply to the boot lock motor for a R reg Mondeo. Cheers in advance.
  12. Mk2 Boot Lock Motor

    Hi It is a R reg, dont know if that makes it a MK2.
  13. Hi What is the fuse number for the boot lock motor. Any help apprecited.