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  1. Focus Reverse Parallel Parking Help.

    Not sure which mk yours is but even after 8 years of ownership I also find my mk2 difficult to park compared with other cars I've driven due to the way the ends of the bonnet and boot are not visible to me. I'd be interested in how others judge how close their bonnet and boot is from other cars without parking sensors. I have worked out that the bottom of the wing mirrors mark where the front of the car is. Sent from my XT1562 using Tapatalk
  2. Tyre pressure.

    Should be stamped on the driver's door pillar but mine is 30 psi for fronts and 33 psi for rears for load of 1-3 people. Sent from my XT1562 using Tapatalk
  3. Focus won't start

    Ended up being the starter motor, he showed it to me and the gear teeth were worn. New one fitted and starts up quieter than before now Sent from my XT1562 using Tapatalk
  4. Focus won't start

    The AA man is looking now he suggested either the starter motor gear or worn flywheel. Hope it is just the starter and not flywheel as that sounds expensive from what he said Sent from my XT1562 using Tapatalk
  5. Focus won't start

    Hi guys I have an issue with my usually dependable focus. This morning I went to start the car and when turning the key it makes a grinding noise and there is also a spinning noise. The engine doesn't turn over and start. What could it be, I haven't had any issues starting before. Thanks Sent from my XT1562 using Tapatalk
  6. Mk2.5 (Style) Seems Alot Noisy Then My Old Mk1

    Hi, I've also got a 1.6 100ps Focus and it is a pretty noisy unit - tappy and loud when revving it hard. Mine has the holes but never came with an engine cover. Would come in handy to protect the engine from leaky washer jets which seems to occur with some focuses.
  7. Yes, check the spark plugs as sucofdrof says as if it is full of water the plugs can get stuck leaving an expensive repair. You can check for errors and test the dials and dashboard lights by holding down the set button on the indicator stalk and turning the key to ignition on (dont need to start the car) and then release the button. You can cycle through the tests by pressing the same button. Look for dtc errors - hopefully you'll have none recorded. Do this after you have test driven it in case it has been cleared before viewing. Other than that just normal checks, check the clutch is ok and doesn't slip and gears go in fine including reverse. Also check condition of brake pads and tyres and listen out for any strange noises while driving. Check if cambelt is changed as it is every 100000 although some get it changed earlier for piece of mind. Good luck with the car hunting!
  8. Coolant Temperature Reading On Diagnostic?

    On the Torque app my coolant temp is 88.9 degrees C and engine temp 128 degrees C at operating temperature. Mine is the 100PS engine mk 2 focus. Hope that helps.
  9. Hi Glenn, You can put your reg/vin number into the ford etis wesite here: http://www.etis.ford.com/fordservice/serviceScheduleForm.do This will tell you what needs doing. Cant really help with the other questions but im sure someone else can help. Enjoy your new Focus!
  10. Cutting Out Focus

    I get the same thing once a month - car will turn over but engine will not start, always starts second time though. I have had my 1.6 petrol for 3 and a half years and it has always done this, I just put it down to a strange quirk. Not sure if there is an easy to replace fuel filter on the 1.6 petrol as it isn't on the ford service schedule.
  11. Using A Hydraulic Jack

    I was wondering too about where to jack my Focus up and found this... FocusJackPoints.pdf
  12. Rpm For Max Torque In 1.6 Petrol?

    Hi, Not sure about the rpm for max torque but I normally change at about 2800-3000 rpm. 2000 seems very low to me as this engine revs high. The power seems to kick in at 2800rpm.
  13. Bulbs

    Osram Nightbreaker plus are good for brightness although mine only lasted 4 months, although I do a lot of driving in the dark. I got those ones on the bay so I tried Amazon instead and got this pair from amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004J3F7DO Also got some free sidelight bulbs which was a nice surprise as they are whiter than the original ones and go well with the osrams. Hopefully they will last a bit longer than the pair I got from ebay :)
  14. Headlight Bulbs.

    Thanks for the replies, I think I'll try the halfords bulbs.
  15. Washer Fluid Warning

    Hi, I have a zetec climate too, albeit a 57 plate and mine doesn't have this feature either. How they expect you to check the fluid level I don't know. It can be annoying when driving in adverse weather and finding that there is no washer fluid left. Maybe Ford can activate it on the ecu alternatively just keep topping it up every week.