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  1. New S1600 134

    Has anyone clocked the 0-60 on their ZS? I wouldn't be surprised if the stock car did 60 a bit quicker than the quoted 9.9.
  2. New S1600 134

    I'm a bit annoyed that the S1600 didn't have a bit of a performance boost to start with. Still glad I bought it though, really stands out against all the other MK7s on the road. Still not sure about the mountune upgrade though, I'd be better selling this and getting a RenaultSport Clio, would be cheaper/faster!
  3. New S1600 134

    Anyone seen this? http://www.ford.co.uk/Cars/Fiesta/S1600 Looks like Ford are releasing a new S1600 with an extra 14bhp, no mention of price though. Anyone know what they've modified from the standard 1.6?
  4. 17" Zs Wheels Rubbish On Snow And Ice

    I'd expect it to be a bit worse but it's almost undriveable just now.
  5. Seen Any S1600's ?

    I've got a blue S1600 and I live in Glasgow :) Drove past another one on the Carmunock by-pass a few weeks ago as well, whoever at was flashed :)
  6. Sorry if this has been brought up before but I had a quick search and couldn't find anything. I've got the S1600 and since the bad weather started a few weeks ago it's loosing grip and weaving about the road at the slightest hint of snow or ice. Last winter I had a Mk7 1.25 Zetec with the stock 15" wheels and it handled fine. Is anyone else having this problem with the 17" wheels on the ZS/S1600 or have I just forgotten how to drive?
  7. New Sony Radio For The Mk7

    Anyone know yet if this can be retro fitted? Also any links to where you can buy it aftermarket?
  8. 2011 Fiesta

    Have you got any other links to that picture, it's not working anymore. Also does anyone know if the S1600 is likely to have the Sony stereo? I've got mine on order for 1st September.
  9. New Sony Stereo - Clarification

    Does it look any different than the standard head unit? Do you have a picture of it?