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  1. Happy Birthday quickdrive!

  2. 2012 Fiesta Facelift

    Yep and I have a 1.4 Zetec auto with a tectronic gear box as a 3 door and it's a very good car.
  3. New Fiesta

    I took delivery of my new Fiesta Auto today and it looks great. If I ony I could work out how to put a photo of it on here I would.
  4. New Fiesta

    Hi there, I'm taking delivery of my Fiesta Zetec auto next Wednesday and just wondering if there is anything that I should know about it thats not in the book.
  5. Why am I unable to post anythig on thre forums

  6. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Hi there I have just tryed this on my focus and yes it works. But can anyone tell me what does code r22 and Eoo1 mean. Thanks
  7. Hi there. Help How do I change my member title.

  8. New Member

    Hi there. I have just bourght myself a Focus 1.6 auto saloon in green and thourght I would join the club.