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  1. induction kit

    Hi Fitting an induction kit just makes ur car a guzzeller. An induction kit is cool when u do up the exhaust as well cause it sounds lovely. Good luck on ur test!
  2. Stationary noise.

    Hi Fiesta's are noisy engine's especially the tappets. Hopefully its not the bottom end. I would go to a garage and get a mechanic to check it. I dont think they'll charge you for a diagnosis. Good luck!
  3. Zetec 1.4 - coil pack - is this it ?

    Hi That is the coil pack. Good luck!
  4. Ford Fiesta (Died)

    Hi It could be a bad earth lead from engine/gearbox to body or a bad connection on the back of the dash. or your battery terminals could be loose. Good Luck!
  5. stalling!

    Hi I wuld replace the complete throttle body, cause it could be the idle controle valve or throttle spindel, etc. It might the map sensor. If it were the HT's or coil packs it would misfiring as well. Good luck!