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  1. Same here :( 53 reg Ford Fusion 1.6, girlfriend pulled up and dragged me outside as the car is sitting there revving up and down by itself, dash flashing with EAC Fail displayed. No power, and wouldn't rev above 3000rpm. Restart cured it. Lots of 'the dealer replaced this, replaced that' but I haven't found one example of someone coming back and saying it was fixed :( Got the easy stuff to check...clean plugs to pedal, check earth under battery, but all the other possibles are expensive! I changed the clutch master cylinder at the weekend but I'm sure I didn't disturb anything, and the car has done about 6 journeys of 70 miles since then.
  2. How happy am I to find this thread...just called the AA out as the gf is stranded at work with a broken 53 plate Fusion, symptoms were as she was leaving work, she pushed the clutch down to stop at a barrier, there was some initial resistance in the clutch then suddenly it went straight to the floor, so she stopped on the brakes and stalled it. Clutch returns fine but no resistance either way. I texted her about the clutch rod, she presumably showed the AA man and that's it, so he's doing a temporary fix now. He says there is a small leak at the master cylinder and suggested it could be slightly overfilled causing it to pop off? Anyways, for a few minutes I had visions of trying to replace the master cylinder in the street, in the rain, and out of pocket. Just a 50p clip, how lucky am I?! Can I get it free under warranty/recall ;) Actually, a little more seriously, will they fit it for free?!
  3. Sorry, missed these replies! The starter spins up fine every time, does that rule out the Solenoid? It disengages at the point the car would normally start,it is only operating for two or three seconds so I don't think it is cutting out to prevent it overheating. The car has a full ford service history but thats not to say the plugs have been replaced...thats a job for the weekend. Once started the car drives fine, no hesitation or flat spots.
  4. Having bought the car mentioned earlier in my buying advice thread, all has been good except for an intermittent starting niggle. About once a week the car will turn over and then fail to fire/catch when the starter disengages, it will do this repeatedly until resorting to giving it a good rev as its turning over. The starter disengages by itself before the key is released but I'm guessing this isn't the cause as many vehicles appear to do this now. Once it has started there is a fairly strong smell of petrol, but this is probably from revving it from cold. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Just been to view a Fusion, first one we've looked at but to be honest there isn't much else around so we may go for it. Its a 53 reg 1.6 petrol Fusion 2, 50k, black, quickclear screen, aircon, CD player, good tyres and service history. Its got a few minor scratches and a couple of !Removed! burns on the passenger seat, other than that it looks good. He is asking £2600 (private sale) which although above book price, appears competitive locally. One thing that concerns me is one of the fluid reservoirs was low, pink fluid on drivers side of the engine bay. It was very low (2 thirds down but couldn't find the max/min lines) but no warning lights on dash when we drove it round the car park. (proper test drive later in week) I'm guessing this is the coolant as I identified brake and power steering reservoirs separately. Do the warning lights operate in good time on the Fusion or is there a chance it could have develop air locks or localised overheating? MOT runs out next month and air con doesn't work, we have offered to pay him to get the MOT done but he wasn't keen but we won't be buying it unless he agrees! The aircon probably just needs a re-gas, but if it needs a new compressor or other parts is this likely to be expensive? Had a look through the service book but couldn't find any details for cambelt on the petrol engines, can anyone tell me when its due and whether there are any other additional service items that are likely to dent my wallet? I will do the basic servicing myself. Thanks for any advice, particularly on the coolant levels and cambelt.