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  1. Hi all just wanna ask would a set of alloys from a 1998 mondeo fit a 1995 1.7d van
  2. Hi all the battery light comes on when the revs hit 3.5k.what can this be its a 1998 2.5 v6
  3. Hi all does anyone know how to tighten the handbrake as the mot is due in the next week or two
  4. Its all working now thanks mintalkin
  5. its a 1998 (R reg) 2.5 v6 si
  6. Hi all my key fob that opens and locks the doors is not working.When i first had the car it was working then the batterys went dead in them so brought some new ones and the bloke in the motorshop checked to see if it worked on the computer thing they had and it worked but did not work on the car.Is there a way u can reset it if so how
  7. Hi all well my oil will soon need changing but what i wanna know is do i do it the same old way like i would do with a normal engine as iv never done an oil change on a v6
  8. I`m from dawlish near exeter mate
  9. hey im from devon too :P