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  1. Iphone 4S + Bluetooth + Usb Issue

    Ford should do this for you as your car is still in warranty - if they don't know what you're on about, try a different dealer. The update is great if you have an iPhone! I have experienced one issue but it's with the reversing cam - as that wasn't available for your car you won't have it so go for it ;)
  2. Hi all, I have applied this update to my 2010/60 Fiesta Titanium and I noticed straight away although there are many improved functions with the radio - my reversing camera display in the rearview mirror showed a blank bright blue screen instead of the image from the camera for a couple of seconds. This happened twice and now I just get the blue screen and no image - it just turns off. The reversing sensors work as I still get the beeps. Anyone else have the camera and noticed any problems since this update? I have the car booked in with Polar Ford on November 15th for this and a couple of other minor niggles. Thanks
  3. Eyup!

    Ouch!! 12 weeks!! Although that would give me more time to shift my Civic!! I got it from Polar Ford in Barnsley. They've said it'll be built on September 17th and ready to collect about 10-14 days after that. They had a Sea Grey one like yours as a demo in the showroom - I was dead set on white when I went in, and that's what I went for but it seeing it in Sea Grey did cause me a moment of umming and ahhing! My dear old Mum (who still lives in Southampton, where I'm originally from) had the 3rd Mk7 Fiesta in the country, or so they said, and that was a Zetec S in Sea Grey. Very nice but she decided it wasn't fast enough after trading in her Mk6.5 ST so she traded that in for a mountune Zetec S in white after less than a year! She's on her 7th Fiesta!!
  4. That's why I've gone for the rear camera on mine. My Mum has a Fiesta too (a mountune one!) but is always complaining about how rubbish visibility is when reversing. ...plus it's cool! lol
  5. Eyup!

    ...aha! I see I will have to post my Honda in the sales section after I've been on here a bit. No worries - I have a 5 week wait for my Fiesta yet!!
  6. Eyup!

    Hi all! My name's Dan. I've just yesterday ordered my new 60 plate Fiesta. I went for the Titanium in white with pretty much everything! (Persuasive saleswoman!) Got the dress-up kit, keyless entry/start, rear camera, etc etc! Can't wait to get my hands on it!! I've currently got a Honda Civic which I'll put in the sales forum unless anyone has any objections? I've always joined the owners club for my car - can't beat real people and real pictures. I'm sure I'll speak to to you all again soon. Until then..."eyup from sunny Yorkshire"! Dan