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  1. Hi, new to this forum but like what i see, my mate has a fiesta (1.4 zetec 2002) and one day it decided to die, i checked it out for him and it all pointed to the coil pack being dead, so as a matter of course new HT's new sparks and new coil all fitted nice and easy, now car will not fire, turns fine but refuses to burst into life. I have checked leads are good, check sparks and spark guage, all good, all coil pack outleys fire fine, fuel seems to hit the rails fine, only thing i can think of is ecu is telling injectors not to fire since instlling the coil pack. I noticed you had 30mins of batt discon, is this to reset the ecu and therefore re-energise the injectors??? checked feul pump & filter and the all gd so this is my last option i can think of, o and lambda and crank sensors are all gd. thanks in advance.