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  1. 3Rd Year Service

    I have mine coming up this month, you do get a years breakdown cover with it.
  2. Dealer Or Independent Service?

    I have just paid my main dealer £215 for a two year old minor service. Realy it is no more than a oil change. Parts Oil and filter were £21.98, £157.19 was the labour cost the rest was the V.A.T. You do get a free years Roadside assistance through the AA and if you have a necter card you get 2 points for every pound spent. Next year it will be due a main service costing £315, they offered me to have this years service for £175 if I signed up to their service plan, £293.68 paid over 8 months which would of saved overall £66.32 . I did not want to tie my money up so I said no. For cars over 3 years old and out of waranty they do cheeper services of £99 and £150 so why do they have to charge the high prices for the newer cars, it's a rip off.
  3. Car Mats

    When I bought my Metal a year old I asked for a set of rubber mats, a tank of petrol and a spare wheel instead of the repair kit. Well I got the spare wheel they only gave me half a tank of petrol and they exchanged the carpet mats in the car for rubber ones. When I asked about the missing carpet mats they said you only get one set of mats with a car. That's Ford for you.
  4. Alarm / Security System?

    After having my Zetec S stolen I realised that to a pro car thief the ford factory fitted alarms, immobilisers are not very good. I now have a Metal. Which I have had the OBD/ECU port moved and protected. The modern day thieves use computer software to take cars, especially if you have keyless start which I had on the Zetec S. Also a good idea to get a dislok steering wheel lock. Anything electronic can be over ridden.
  5. Alarm System?

    Thanks for this info. I did wonder if the alarm actually worked after having the Zetec S stolen.
  6. Alarm System?

    I have had a Zetec S and now a Metal both have the little yellow light on the dash not a flashing LED. I deadlock the doors the yellow light comes on. When I return later the light is out. If you press the lock again it comes on. Not sure if the alarm is engaged or not anybody know?
  7. Alarm System?

    Talking about alarms, with the mk7 when you double lock the doors is the little yellow light on the dash supposed to stay on to show the alarm is on because after a while mind goes out.
  8. Spare Wheel / Foam

    As you have not requested it I should not count on it. A lot of people want to replace the foam stuff with a spare wheel and you might find they have given the wheel to someone else.
  9. Little Things About Dealers That Annoy You

    Thanks the salesman who sold me the car was not there last week so I was dealing with someone else I was going back on Monday anyway, I had the car smartguarded and they did not give me any leather cleaner in the kit that you get with it.
  10. Little Things About Dealers That Annoy You

    I wanted to keep the carpet mats that were in the car so if I ever got rid of it I could just take out the rubber mats. They have not given me anything they have just swapped the mats from another car.
  11. As I have been posting just bought a Metal to replace my Zetec S. Went for this because I wanted one with the same sort of spec that I had. Anyway it seemed like a good deal £12000 for a 61 plate 6700 miles on the clock so I did not haggle over the price, all I asked for was a spare wheel insted of the puncture repair kit, a tank of petrol and a set of rubber mats. Well I got the spare wheel but only half a tank of petrol and they had swapped the carpet mats for the rubber ones. How tight are they? I did say that I would of liked to have kept the carpet mats but the salesman said well the rubber ones are better, it just makes you laugh thank heavens the car is good.
  12. Swapping A Zs For A Metal?

    I have just purchased a Metal to replace my petrol 1.6 ZS which was stolen. The thing is you don't get this car if you are worried about MPG. Depending how you drive the MPG will probably be only slighly less which in my case was about ave 39 mpg. The difference between the two is the extra performance, it is a joy to drive the engine has a nice purring sound to it.
  13. Having New Locks Fitted

    I did not have the new locks fitted in the end but had the ecu/obd proctection 95 pounds + vat. they put the conection socket in a lockable box which has been security tested and move in up in the dashbroad. If the theifs break into the car when they pull the little compartment down looking for the ecu/obd port it is not there. Just remember to let let the techs know about it at service time. It was done by a family run company near Grays in Essex Most of there work is on vans but it's now spreading to cars,they have been having talks with Ford at Brentwood, loads of transits being stolen at the moment,very friendly people one of the chaps there is a forum member drives a S1600. They even show a video of how these crooks steel the vehicles and program the keys etc.
  14. Having New Locks Fitted

    Picking up my new metal tomorrow, been in touch with a company who besides being able to protect the ecu/obd port said they can fit new locks (if there is such a thing) that can't be picked. I take it you would have to get this approved by your insurer. Anyone got views on this it would appear that Ford's are easy targets.
  15. Worth It Or Not?

    Tell me about it just had mine stolen, would not have a key less start again. I think all the main dealers know about the problem but that wont stop them selling cars with it on.