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  1. I can thoroughly recommend the Boomerang armrest,solid build and fitted to the 'car' so feels sturdy,half hr to fit and straight forward,Thanks goes to gazza81288
  2. Done this today,all good but......ive had a drink so gotta wait till tomorrow night to have a play. All looked ok parked up on the drive so here's waiting...
  3. Good guide,like the comic style piccies B)
  4. Red=You going in to 'Do' a Lady Blue =Sci-Fi White=you've just walked into another car,room blah blah blah ....Ergo...Blue is the way forward (probably smell fresher than the red too ;) )
  5. Got the Chrome on silver on my grey Festa (sic) , looks the muts nuts,dont regret getting any other combo , but its your choice come the end o' the day :)
  6. Bought one for mine a couple of months back and while I can't really say i've noticed any more poke,the fuel economy seems to have crept up,even in this cold spell
  7. I got a set of Zetec Alloys to replace my 15" Steelies,so put 1 of them in the boot for a spare and it fits sweet,just looking to make a locking nut now
  8. Now with added 'Can't see me windows'.....not the bestest ,but she's mine and I love 'er !!
  9. ....why is FOC's clock 10 minutes ahead of reality,it really throws me sometimes
  10. So as it has no fog lights it must be lower than a Zetec - so either Studio, Style or Edge None of those have a 1.6 engine so at best this a 1.4, if not a 1.25 - what exactly are they trying to achieve?! ....What a Snob
  11. Congratulations Dan, all the best to you and your new wife
  12. Cheers Woody,thats the answer i wanted to hear
  13. Hi people, I am swapping my 15" steel wheels for a set of Ford 16 " Alloys ( ford part No. 1515147My link) now my question is do i need spigot rings or not and if so ,what size? any help muchly appreciated
  14. I must be old school i'd have a tilt/slide sunroof over air con. anyday of the week
  15. Took my car for its 2nd yr service (as you do)all very professional,thank you ....walked to car and got in,washed ,very nice, thought i'd look in my service book (that had been left on the seat) ...Not Stamped ! like I say, the basics ,what if i hadn't checked and drove off ,would they have come to me and stamped it(16 mile round trek)